The Cure for the Appreciation Deficit

We live in a world where the biggest deficit isn’t what you might think. It’s not related to money, but appreciation. Most people feel undervalued – really unappreciated. This is actually an epidemic – and a wonderful opportunity if you up your authentic thank yous. Let others know how much you gained from them. Be specific and concrete. If each of us does this, even a little bit, we can shrink the appreciation deficit overnight.

Enjoy your day,

Thank You, Too.

I was working on a short presentation on “thank you” with my friend, Melissa, the last few days. The time we spent was fun, thought-provoking, and profound.

It’s a funny thing about “thank yous”. For the words to be meaningful, connected, and moving, they MUST be sincere – with no expectation of receiving anything in return. Yet if we authentically share a “thank you” with another person, it will come back a thousand fold and make us better in the process.

Thank you, Melissa. You made my week.

Enjoy the day,

Do You Choose Failure or Success?

Choosing failure or success? Does this seem like a  ridiculous question to even ask?

Yet some people defeat themselves in their hearts and minds first. What I can tell you, with considerable certainty, is that those around you will follow your lead and “help you fail”.

So, if you are pursuing a goal or dream, mobilize your skills, talents, and experiences – with lots of “evidence” of your capabilities. Pull out your list whenever you need a boost to strengthen your determination, conviction, and resolve.


Challenge and Positive Change

Challenge is a word that can be exhilarating and yet a little scary. What achievement has ever been accomplished without challenges of one kind or another. So if you aren’t advancing the way you would like to, where can you create a challenge to help you step up, move forward, and realize a goal or dream that has appeared out of reach? Take one babystep today. Then throw up your hands and shout “Ta Dah!”.

Have a great day,

Obstacle: Friend or Foe?

Obstacles of any kind can bring up fear in the hearts of even the most courageous. This is especially true if everything is moving long and then BAM, a dreaded obstacle appears. At first, it’s easy to see it as barrier, stumbling block, obstruction, impediment, and a big old problem. I certainly do – and am not super proud of this.

That said, an obstacle is also a challenge and those are good for your goals, brain, and happiness. A challenge keeps you stimulated, moving ahead, and expanding your capacity, courage, and confidence. Sounds pretty good, right?

So the next time an obstacle shows up in your life in the form of an unwanted situation, difficult person, or even self-doubt, be upset for a nanosecond. Then explore how the obstacle could be just what you need, say “thank you”, and then get to work to make it your friend and ally.

Have a great day,

What’s Driving Your Life?

It’s a very interesting thing about life. Depending on how we feel, think, and act, your life can be elevated to greater happiness and success or you can drive it to defeat and despair.

So how can you take your life in the direction of where you want to go? Look for your weakest link. What is the one thing that derails you at the point of victory or that makes you want to give up before you even get going? That is your greatest opportunity.

Know that you don’t have to change all at once. Start with one tiny action that is under your control. That’s good as your base that you can build from there.

Have a good day,

The Push Away Boomerang

It’s very “funny” about people, things, and circumstances we push away. The more we disregard or even reject someone or something, the more it shows up in our lives.

Instead of pushing something you don’t want, do this. First, embrace it (okay, I suspect, not what you hoped for). I am not saying love whatever it is, just pause and acknowledge the person or circumstance. Second, find the gift or learning and make the most of it.

When you do these things, you will accelerate through the less than pleasant time and get a better and better understanding of what you want. Then, focus on THAT – the good stuff.

Have a great day,