All or Nothing ≠ Success

I was talking to a former colleague who is awesome and often hard to work with because he is an all or nothing person. When work is good, it is excellent. On the other hand, if even one thing doesn’t go the way he thinks it should, he complains, blames others, and gets angry. You might imagine that I was sympathetic, yet not surprised when he told me that he had lost his job.

He is very competent, yet that is not enough for his co-workers and managers. They want someone who can certainly take a stand and yet is flexible and supportive around others’ missteps. After all, if we are to act like a team – we will occasionally pick up the slack for others as they do for us.

Have a good day,

Your Difference is Your Advantage

Some people try to hide their differences and just blend it. They might change their style of clothing, voice, and more. Yet, it’s the things that make us different that give us an edge in work, relationships, and general happiness. The real you can lead you to what you want in each area of like.

So be your special self.

Have a great day,

Set a Bigger Goal

Recently, I was struggling to achieve a specific goal I had been working on for a long time. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong. I blamed myself – too lazy, not committed, missing something to carry things through to the finish.

While my self-assessment may have been accurate, it wasn’t the whole story. I soon realized that my goal was too tiny and didn’t inspire me. So I made my goal bigger – not impossible, but enough of a stretch to drive me ahead.

Updates to follow.

Have a great day,

Your Success Threshold

Many people don’t get the traction they want on their goals. Why is that, you may wonder? I believe that they take on too much and don’t have the willpower to go the distance.

So what is the solution? Know why you have chosen the goal and what action could you take that is super easy – absolutely doable! Then you will build momentum and success become a habit.


Are You High Value?

What does it mean to be high value?

Here is one example that might be helpful: I was talking to someone who appears to have opportunities just fall in her lap – and I wanted to know how she does it.

What became really obvious very quickly is that she did the opposite of what many people do. Instead of  jumping in to be the center of attention, my friend spends most of her time finding the value in others and authentically praising them.

What a concept!

Have a great day,