The Act of Kindness Bonus

What would happen if you did an act of kindness each and every hour you were awake?

Offer these acts to yourself as well as others – balancing between the two. Do this as an experiment and notice what happens.

Many people reporting back have experienced great joy and a new excitement about their own lives, enabling to go after dreams they had tabled for years. The benefits to yourself and others are waiting for you to begin.

Thank you,


To Achieve Your Goals Faster

What does it take to achieve a goal? Well, lots of things – from making the goal clear and concrete to actually taking a bunch of progressive babysteps?

So why doesn’t everyone take the steps to zoom through their goals? For me, personally, I stall out when I lack encouragement. Think of encouragement as someone or something that inspires courage (this is actually what the word means). I, and many others, just need a bit of a boost on the courage side and the action, momentum, and results are easier to create.

So if you need a little encouragement, find it. An even better idea: give encouragement to another person. Then you both get the boost.

Enjoy your day,

Do You Choose Failure or Success?

Choosing failure or success? Does this seem like a  ridiculous question to even ask?

Yet some people defeat themselves in their hearts and minds first. What I can tell you, with considerable certainty, is that those around you will follow your lead and “help you fail”.

So, if you are pursuing a goal or dream, mobilize your skills, talents, and experiences – with lots of “evidence” of your capabilities. Pull out your list whenever you need a boost to strengthen your determination, conviction, and resolve.


What’s Your PIQ?

In my work, I talk to students and alumni at Chicago Booth about the impact of their work. Yet, I rarely think of my PIQ or Positive Impact Quotient. PIQ is the sum of all of the value you create for others and yourself minus the negative impact you may have if you discourage, dismiss, or disparage others.

So as you go through your day, pause for a moment and think of the impact and implications of your next word or action. Will it make your PIQ go down or up? Than action accordingly.

Have a great day,

Divisiveness Starts From Within

I hear again and again: that the world is divisive. Some people believe that this serious discord is caused by our institutions and if only they would change, the world would be better. At some level, those individuals are right – and it’s far from the whole story.

Organizations are made up of people, so what if each of us looks at any “disunity” inside our own heart? I have seen when the change emanates from within, the environment changes for the better.

Do it as an experiment.


Take Courageous Action

I was chatting with a group of friends and the more I listened (to myself and others), the clearer it became that we needed to jump and take courageous action. While it’s scary to step out beyond what is comfortable, courageous action can be small – one tiny step toward your goals and dreams can create just the breakthrough you need. Once you take that first step, the next one can be a bit bolder. And so it goes.

Enjoy the ride,

The Power of Pessimism

My coach, Susan, once told me that you need two types of supporters: those who are optimistic cheerleaders and fans and those who are (as I would call them) picky pessimists.

The key is all about the timing. When your goal / idea is in the nascent stage, you need individuals who will guide, nurture, and encourage you so you can create a vision, develop resolve, and sink in roots of commitment. Once you have those things, you want to drive to excellence – and the only way to do that is to have people who will challenge, critique, and “force” you and your idea to get even better.

So there is power in pessimism if you bring it in at the right stage and time – and you don’t let the criticism discourage, dissuade, or freak you out.


Don’t Force It!

There was something that I wanted very much, but it looked like it wasn’t going to happen. This wasn’t a “no” forever, but for this autumn for sure. So, I decided to let it for now. This didn’t stop me from researching, learning, and perfecting my knowledge, stories, and presentation – and I had fun doing it.

Today, out of the blue, I received an invitation to do the program this September. I am so glad.

By not forcing it, I grew into what I wanted and now have the opportunity to achieve a goal I believe will help others and is important to me.

Have a great week,

Transforming the Blame Reflex

There is a behavior that I see in others and I am sad to say, that I see this in myself – and that is the Blame Reflex. Something happens and often a first reaction is to look to see who could be responsible for this and point a finger at anyone other than ourselves. While this could be seen as human nature, it’s not a good thing. Blame released cortisol, reduces our credibility, and does absolutely nothing to solve the problem.

So, I have decided to pause before I blame anyone and see my role in the problem and the solution. Food for thought.

Have a great day,

The Present of the Present

I don’t know about you, but I  am forever reviewing the past (for wins and what I could have done better) and projecting into the future (with its promise of goals achieved and new possibilities). This is all good AND yet incomplete.

The present holds many gifts – from the fact that it is the only place you can make a change to that it is the setting for celebrating your progress and victories.

So, please be in the present to harvest the gifts that only it can provide.

Have one great moment after another,