Care, Courage, and Competence Lead to . . .

Do you want to win again and again – personally and professionally? It’s a three-parter. While the elements are not a secret, most people omit at least one of the elements. They are:

  • Care – others want to know that we have genuinely want to connect with them and  see them succeed. They will help us do the same.
  • Courage – taking fear on with even a tiny bit of courage helps us build confidence and credibility.
  • Competence – having the skills to do whatever we set out to do is essential. Yet you don’t have to know everything and others will “teach” us if we let them.

So bring care, courage, and competence to whatever you do and you will expand your opportunities, relationships, and success.

Enjoy the day,

Don’t Brake for Obstacles!

I will admit that I am REALLY big on the front end of new ideas and projects. I am ecstatic to brainstorm. Woohoo.

However, as I implement an idea, I get less interested and more easily discouraged when, even tiny, obstacles impede my progress. Yet when I hit those speed bumps, that is exactly the time that I make the most progress if I keep going.

So, if you have an idea and plan, don’t let challenges stop you. Use those obstacles as fuel for your achievement.


Shine On For Success!

When I was a child, I remember someone close to me suggested that I “tone it down” so I didn’t make a relative feel bad about his own life. I was also advised that I should “pretend” that good things in my life just didn’t exist. I will admit I was confused, discouraged, and felt invalidated – and I carried these feelings for years after that.

What I have come to learn is that no matter how much you diminish your own talents, achievements, and successes – it cannot make anyone feel better (beyond the moment) and you will feel worse.

While I don’t believe that bragging is a good thing, it is incredibly encouraging to hear the story of someone with a dream, how the person transformed challenged into fuel to achieve the goal, and how he or she won in the end – over fear, inner doubts, and negativity.

Share your story – early and often.


Obstacle: Friend or Foe?

Obstacles of any kind can bring up fear in the hearts of even the most courageous. This is especially true if everything is moving long and then BAM, a dreaded obstacle appears. At first, it’s easy to see it as barrier, stumbling block, obstruction, impediment, and a big old problem. I certainly do – and am not super proud of this.

That said, an obstacle is also a challenge and those are good for your goals, brain, and happiness. A challenge keeps you stimulated, moving ahead, and expanding your capacity, courage, and confidence. Sounds pretty good, right?

So the next time an obstacle shows up in your life in the form of an unwanted situation, difficult person, or even self-doubt, be upset for a nanosecond. Then explore how the obstacle could be just what you need, say “thank you”, and then get to work to make it your friend and ally.

Have a great day,

Reverse the Ultimate Success Drain

It’s really funny about certain (not so good) habits. They can seem innocuous on the surface and yet can stall out our success, joy, and happiness. A big one is complaining. I never thought about the super seriousness of the consequences of complaining until I heard a friend, Barbara, speak recently. She actually pointed out that complaining (among other things) is a form of passive violence. Whoa!

While this was rather startling, there was a really positive side as well. Barbara talked about how when we diminish passive forms of violence, the implications are powerful for each of us, our families, our schools, our communities and the world.

So if you banish complaining – beginning right NOW, you stop draining your success, happiness, and much more.


Is Your Team Leading You to Success or Failure?

It’s a funny thing about the people with whom we “hang out”. They become influencers in our lives.

So a really important question to ask yourself: do you like them, respect them, and want the life and relationships they have?

If yes, wonderful. Keep deepening, expanding, and appreciating those individuals.

If no, decide the life you want and find people who support that direction. Then value, acknowledge, and support them.

Have a great day,

Have You Reached Your Limit?

You may be thinking: “Yes, I have reached my limit with someone or something that may be bugging me.”

Yet, this is not what I have in mind with this question. My question is about: Have you reached your ultimate capacity in each area of your life? If you are alive and breathing, you have more to contribute to the world. This is true if you are 2 or 100+ or anything in between.

So today, take a tiny action that expands your capacity, confidence, and courage – even a teeny bit. At that point, you have a new limit – really a new starting point for whatever you do next.

Have a great day,