Every Action Counts

How do you behave when no one is looking and you don’t get “extra credit”? While some people make a big show of their kindness and generosity in public, others do incredibly good works behind the scenes.

One such friend comes to mind. He is a truly amazing human being. Everyone knows it, but not because he tells them. I’ll call him EveryMan, since every man and woman could learn a few things from him.

Well, I’ve known EveryMan for a long time. I met him volunteering for my MBA alumni club. I was giving a speech and he was making club announcements in his role as President. He became club president not as a resume enhancer, but for what he could give back to the school.

As time went on, we became friends. One day over lunch, this successful executive slipped in that – oh, by the way – he provides scholarships to two inner city young men, so that they can attend private school. “I want them to have opportunities like I’ve had,” he told me. As I looked at him, this poised businessman suddenly had transformed into a slightly shy and awkward adolescent who had just gotten “caught” doing something good.

“They even write to me and they’re doing great,” he said. A big smile spread across his face – like a proud parent.

We went on with our lunch and conversation. I never looked at EveryMan the same way again. I bet his parents are proud.

Each of us contributes in different ways. EveryMan gives scholarships. Debbie walks to raise money to find a cure. Ellen spends her “extra” money buying supplies for the kids in her elementary school class.

So what will you do? Donate food to your local food pantry. Volunteer in your community. Share encouragement with a friend. It all counts. You count. So go out and do something.



Respect and Honoring

The next time you walk down the street pay attention to the people you see.

Are you concentrating more on how each individual is different than you or more on how they are the same?

Whatever you focus on will transform your environment. Decide how you want it to be. Consider a balanced approach – see each person’s humanity while respecting and honoring their differences. What’s one way you can do this today?

Enjoy your day,

Unhappily Married to Differences

What does it mean to be attached to differences?

It often indicates that a person is trapped in her negative, limiting reactions to those seeming differences. In this mode, a person may judge others in a less than favorable way.

If this sounds like you, what can you do today to open your mind and “unattach” to the differences you see in others?

Have a great day,

Success Through Storied Dialogue

Stories are wonderful tools that facilitate communication. Unlike facts, which you have to agree or disagree with, stories give you the opportunity to find something that you can relate to. They are a wonderful starting point for dialogue.

So the next time you really want to make a point, create a story (based on the facts) that provides opportunities for each person in find something in it that they can connect with and start the exchange of ideas.

Have a great day,

The Act of Kindness Bonus

What would happen if you did an act of kindness each and every hour you were awake?

Offer these acts to yourself as well as others – balancing between the two. Do this as an experiment and notice what happens.

Many people reporting back have experienced great joy and a new excitement about their own lives, enabling to go after dreams they had tabled for years. The benefits to yourself and others are waiting for you to begin.

Thank you,

Where Change is Possible

The present is the place where change is possible. But it’s tempting to peek to the future or look over your shoulder to review the past. Yet to do so, could likely make you less effective overall and dissatisfied with whatever you are doing right now no matter how terrific it is.

So practice staying in the present for at least 5 minutes each day. The potential rewards are enormous, so stay here long enough to receive them.

Have a great weekend,

An Unbeatable Combination

Are you an analytical type? Can you crunch the numbers with the best of them?

That’s a terrific skill, but it’s only part of the equation.

Since you will never have perfect and complete data, jumping off and acting without incomplete information is an essential skill.

So today, do your homework and act. It’s an unbeatable combination.

Have a great day,

The 50% Experiment

Are you so busy talking that you sometimes miss some of the really good stuff? As an experiment, talk 50% less than you normally do. Then notice what happens. You might just pick up some valuable knowledge, insights, and opportunities. There’s a side benefit. When you say less, others may listen more when you do speak up.

Have a wonderful day,

The Power of Thanks

“Thanks” is one of the most powerful words in the universe. For a study on the power of gratitude, 75% of a group of “at risk” young men in Boston went from angry and violent to individuals with a sense of purpose who began to create positive value with their lives.

Each day these young men asked themselves three things, “What did I receive today? What did I give back? Who could I thank right now?” Today, ask yourself those questions and see how it makes you feel and act.

Have a great day,


Hiding Treasures? Don’t Do It!

Do you have an idea, concept, product, or service that has been floating around in your head, journal, or device and yet you haven’t taken the next step to actually share it with the world?

What if your idea could make even one person’s life better? What if a group of people is just waiting for your product or service to be available?

So today, choose one thing you’ve been working on or have been thinking about working on and take the next step. Share your idea with one other person in the next 24 hours. By the way, it doesn’t have to be perfect and neither do you.