Success Through Storied Dialogue

Stories are wonderful tools that facilitate communication. Unlike facts, which you have to agree or disagree with, stories give you the opportunity to find something that you can relate to. They are a wonderful starting point for dialogue.

So the next time you really want to make a point, create a story (based on the facts) that provides opportunities for each person in find something in it that they can connect with and start the exchange of ideas.

Have a great day,


Success Starts with Your Questions

What questions do you ask yourself?

Are they things like, “How could I have done such a stupid thing?” Or are they more like, “What will help me be happy today and help others do the same?”

Your brain will answer either type of question and you’ll likely get lots of answers.

So form your questions so that they give you greater courage, confidence, and compassion.

Enjoy your day,

The Responsibility Paradox

Are you the proverbial Boy Scout or Girl Scout believing that “everything” in your life is your responsibility?

While it’s essential to take responsibility for what is yours, taking on more than your share is not very healthy. It can also lead to overload and rebellion from accountability of all kinds.

So relax, stay flexible, and practice letting go of the things that are not your responsibility. You life will be lighter, more joyful, and happier.

Have a great day,

Take a Fresh Start

Ever have your day start with a frustrating event – the kind of thing that makes you want to go home and hide under the covers?

While those things need to be taken care of, often people also want a fresh start. So why not build them in?

Schedule an automatic “fresh start” into your calendar each day. At the scheduled time, close your eyes and recall your real purpose.

Then you can go back to work with the perspective of a new day.

Have a great day,

Timing Is (Almost) Everything

Do you ever wait for the right time to start a project? When you start and complete something is important, it’s just not everything.

Starting and continuing is essential. Without action, even the best of intentions will not yield the results that you long for. So combine the best of both – timing and action.

Use your intuition and wisdom to decide when to start. Then take your commitment, enthusiasm, and desire and take action a little each day.

Have a great day,

Invite Help

Some people believe that if they don’t “discover” the solution all on their own, they are diminished and have failed. Not only is this attitude self-defeating, it’s actually arrogant. By not allowing others to help you, you cheat them of the good feelings they would receive from making a contribution.

So who would enjoy helping you today? Make the most of their assistance. And of course, show your appreciation with a kind word, hug, or even thank you gift. Choose whatever is appropriate for the situation and the relationship.

Have a great day,

Responsibility Is Key to Success

There are two kinds of people.

The first are those who take responsibility for their lives, careers, and winning. While they get knocked down many times, they continue to get back up and move ahead. Even if they complain, it’s a momentary vent and not a way of life.

On the other hand, there are people, who when they hit a roadblock or challenge, blame others for their not succeeding. This approach can even feel good in the short-term. Yet, in the end, it is insidiously harmful. The blame game will stunt your growth, diminish your credibility, and ultimately steal your opportunity to advance, thrive, and contribute the best of yourself.

The world is waiting for exactly what you have to offer. Don’t make us wait anymore.


The Restart

I was meeting with Jessica (a new friend) recently, who had experienced a series of setbacks that left her discouraged, frustrated, and apathetic. It’s very difficult to move ahead from a place like that, let alone achieve the goals that she wanted to accomplish.

Jessica decided to give herself a restart and while, she couldn’t begin with a totally clean slate, she was able to do the following:

Removed from her schedule anything she didn’t want to do any longer that didn’t require her action.

Attended a clothing swap where she traded her old clothing for a brand new wardrobe and a uptake in confidence.

Signed up for a class she had wanted to take as a first step toward a potential new career.

I really like Jessica’s approach. She made changes within her control that while important to her were not disruptive and were low risk.

What can you do beginning today to give yourself a restart?


Courageous Action

I was with a group of friends yesterday and one person (a cool friend) was sharing how she has a BIG goal – so big it’s scary. She questioned whether she was too afraid to take actions toward her goal.

While this surprised me, I kept listening. As she was describing her “less than bold” actions, I was more and more inspired by her. Her actions are clearly based on her purpose, leverage her strengths, and ARE courageous. By the way,size and speed really do not matter.

Way to go, Susie!!!!

Have a great day,

See the Value

It a “funny” thing – when you see the positive value in others, your value, credibility, and opportunities increase. It’s really about reputation. Are you known as a person who is demanding, has a sense of entitlement, and never satisfied? Or, are you the individual seen as generous, appreciative, and supportive?

The first approach will have people staying away from you and be unwilling to help you. The second approach creates a foundation of short and long term relationships that can benefit you and others.

Have a great day,