Your Living Mission

It has been said: “Everyone has a unique mission.” While I believe this in the depths of my life, understanding my specific mission is another story.

On one particularly frustrating day I quizzed a wise friend about my mission “confusion”. “Anita,” Jay told me, “your mission is not confined to one place or activity. Start with a dream.  Add your strengths. Apply them at home and at work. You will experience your mission.”

“Okay,” I replied not really believing Jay. Yet I still gave it a shot – and Jay was right. My home, work, and community are great places to live my mission. You can, too.

Take one action toward your dream today and observe how your mission can unfold.



The Purpose of Your Life

What if the purpose of your life is to discover the purpose of your life?

You have a purpose that no one other than you can fulfill. Your unique set of skills, talents, abilities, passions, interests, and experiences make you perfectly equipped to do it.

So pause for 30 seconds and ask yourself the following: what is my purpose or my mission in life? If nothing comes up, don’t worry. Keep listening with a gentle heart. Notice what you “hear” today?

We need what you have to offer,

Responsibility Is Key to Success

There are two kinds of people.

The first are those who take responsibility for their lives, careers, and winning. While they get knocked down many times, they continue to get back up and move ahead. Even if they complain, it’s a momentary vent and not a way of life.

On the other hand, there are people, who when they hit a roadblock or challenge, blame others for their not succeeding. This approach can even feel good in the short-term. Yet, in the end, it is insidiously harmful. The blame game will stunt your growth, diminish your credibility, and ultimately steal your opportunity to advance, thrive, and contribute the best of yourself.

The world is waiting for exactly what you have to offer. Don’t make us wait anymore.


Courageous Action

I was with a group of friends yesterday and one person (a cool friend) was sharing how she has a BIG goal – so big it’s scary. She questioned whether she was too afraid to take actions toward her goal.

While this surprised me, I kept listening. As she was describing her “less than bold” actions, I was more and more inspired by her. Her actions are clearly based on her purpose, leverage her strengths, and ARE courageous. By the way,size and speed really do not matter.

Way to go, Susie!!!!

Have a great day,

Powerful Growth at Any Age

I have a newish friend who moved to Chicago a couple of years ago to start her second doctorate. At the time, this woman was in her late 60’s. She is well on her way to achieving that goal.

Oh wait, there’s more. She became a driving force and presenter for a global education conference in Africa. Recently, she applied for and got into a language intensive in Japan.

By the way, she is a person of modest means and all along the way find to find the monies to fund her career “adventures”.

My friend is a shining example of how important stretch goals are regardless of your age and how to not let longevity, money, or anything else stand in your way. I think that it helps a bunch that her purpose for doing all of this is to help others.

So what’s your next stretch goal?

Thank you, friend.

Have a great day,

Success = A Unified Purpose

I was working with someone yesterday who is not getting the traction that he wants – and he is a talented, competent, and engaging person. As we talked, it became clear to me that he doesn’t have a solid direction. As a result, he sets a new goals nearly every week and his progress is fleeting at best.

In the end, he agreed to take a step back and explore the thread, theme, and why of his ambition. With this understanding, we are both confident he will accelerate his growth, advancement, and success.

So if you aren’t making the progress you would really like, what action can you take today to begin to build your unifying purpose?


Connecting Success

Everyone has their own take on how success looks and what it means. That said, one thing is universal – you build success through people and the solid reciprocal connections you establish and maintain.

So if you want to accelerate your success, deepen your relationships.


The Story That Helps You Succeed

Stories are powerful, predictive, and persuasive. They influence your actions and those of others. The question is what story do you typically tell and what message is it sending?

There are the “poor me” stories (which I don’t recommend), while very convincing, reduce credibility, trust, and the likelihood of achieving your goals and dreams. On the other hand, is the “yes I hit a very challenging situation and actually used it to succeed” story. I really love these – they almost always display courage, tenacity, and resilience.

Here’s the kicker: the circumstance in both kinds are stories can be exactly the same. I’ve been there. After being crushed by an elevator, I told many “poor me” stories that ultimately did me no good. With time and much self-honesty, I started telling a “yes I hit a very challenging situation and actually used it to succeed” story. This was the best thing I could have done: it opened up a whole new world of happiness and success for me.

Have a great day,

Is Your Purpose Too Puny?

I was chatting with a friend who has been struggling with a specific challenge for a long time and he was more than a bit frustrated that he hadn’t yet resolved it. I asked him why coming up with a solution was important to him. He gave me one of those “isn’t it obvious” looks and yet he didn’t really have an answer.

As we continued to talk, he realized that he didn’t have a strong enough purpose around the challenge to bring his best self, power through, and bounce back when things didn’t go his way.

Puny purposes are often at the root of something not being achieved. So what is your goal / challenge and what makes it super important to you?


Your Success Threshold

Many people don’t get the traction they want on their goals. Why is that, you may wonder? I believe that they take on too much and don’t have the willpower to go the distance.

So what is the solution? Know why you have chosen the goal and what action could you take that is super easy – absolutely doable! Then you will build momentum and success become a habit.