Side by Side Success

There are partners of all kinds who are so enamored with each other they “forget” to question, challenge, and drive each other to greater levels of advancement. If this sounds like you, consider another approach: walk side by side with your associate. Then you can advance independently together.

Think about it.



The Power to Cultivate or Destroy

I was reading a Harvard Business Review article about Harvest Basket, a family business with both amazing employees and customer loyalty and a deep-seeded dysfunction that is destroying its value from within.

When there are problems in organizations, the real threat is internal disunity as external challenges almost always mobilizes individuals. People working at cross purposes can cause even a well-established organization to fail.

Find ways to bring people together – emphasize their strengths, their value, and how as a team you can accomplish so much more.  By the way, the same applies to our families.

Have a great day,

When 1 + 1= more than 2

I was chatting with a couple of friends last evening and we were talking about teams and leadership. It’s so important to choose the right people – individuals who share your values, vision, and commitment. When you do this 1 + ! can definitely add up to more that two.

Have a great weekend,