The Power of Upside Down Gratitude

I find it super easy to thank individuals for good stuff like – happy times, compliments, and wonderful people. Who wouldn’t, right?

Yet, there is another untapped area of good things. This is the power of upside down gratitude. Upside down gratitude is the value you can find in the not-so-positive and embrace it as crucial to your success and happiness. This requires courage, commitment, and a desire to take the lessons and leverage this for your greater good and the best for others.


Be a Comeback Genius

I will say upfront my extracurricular activities tend to go more toward books that sports. In fact, my alma mater, the University of Chicago, didn’t even have a football team that was much more than a “club” team.

So for those who know me, you might be surprised that I watched the Super Bowl. Well, I watched and I am VERY glad I did.

What a comeback story – one from which we can learn a lot:

  • Leadership under pressure. How would you react if you were down by more than three touchdowns with only have the game left? Many would give up, but not Brady. He kept going, putting everything on the line, and getting the rest of the team to believe a win was possible.
  • Not letting time be the deciding factor. The Patriots kept going, knowing that there had never been an overtime in a Super Bowl. Well, now there has been.
  • Finding a bit more determination, tenacity, and guts. When it looks like the tides had turned against Brady and the team, they stayed in the game – clearly with their heads and hearts.

There are many other things you can learn about being a comeback genius from Super Bowl LI. Just don’t find them, put them into action in your own life.

Have a great day,

Transform Your Weakest Link

I welcome compassionate, critical feedback that is constructive. That said, I know that I’m not alone with this – I don’t like to be judged.

While this is all well and good, my dislike of being judged could become my limitation / my weakest link. Think of the implications for both of us – of the ginormous list of things never attempted and the loss of the good things you and I can do for the world.

I am working on finding the value in the judgment and see what I learn and make my life even better. Oh yes, and I notice when I judge others (and stop doing it!)

Have a good day,

Beyond the Ultimate Derailer

I was chatting with someone a few months ago and she was flat out stuck. No forward progress at all. On top of that, there was a level of resentment and contempt that was invisible to her and yet clear to everyone around her.

I believe that she started to see the reality of her situation because she was so derailed. The good news is that as my friend started unpacking and getting rid of her resentment and grudges and actually expressing genuine appreciation to those around her, things improved.

Luck? Timing? I think not. Appreciation changes everything for the better. Experiment and you will see.

Have a great day,


Take Courageous Action

I was chatting with a group of friends and the more I listened (to myself and others), the clearer it became that we needed to jump and take courageous action. While it’s scary to step out beyond what is comfortable, courageous action can be small – one tiny step toward your goals and dreams can create just the breakthrough you need. Once you take that first step, the next one can be a bit bolder. And so it goes.

Enjoy the ride,

Your Future Depends on This

What could this thing be that determines your future? Just as the decisions, choices, and actions of your past bring you where you are today, what you do from this moment forward will largely shape your life in the near, mid, and longer term.

So what does this mean for you? Three things to start:

  • Bring to the forefront the goals and dreams you have put on hold
  • Know why these are things important to you and take BabySteps toward it
  • Be determined to find value in others and express the good things you see

If you start this today, you will be laying the groundwork for your future.