Set a Bigger Goal

Recently, I was struggling to achieve a specific goal I had been working on for a long time. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong. I blamed myself – too lazy, not committed, missing something to carry things through to the finish.

While my self-assessment may have been accurate, it wasn’t the whole story. I soon realized that my goal was too tiny and didn’t inspire me. So I made my goal bigger – not impossible, but enough of a stretch to drive me ahead.

Updates to follow.

Have a great day,

Value and Victory

I was chatting with someone recently who wasn’t achieving her goal, despite the fact that she was exerting tons of effort. She was stuck in (what seemed to her like) an endless loop of doing, doing, doing with little to show for it. Then I asked her a question that “shocked” her: “What value are you providing to the people you are asking to help you?”

She actually never thought about it and when she did, my friend made a shift. As she began to bring value, she received much more.

Have a great day,

Is It Worth It?

Sometimes we put effort into building solid relationships and nothing seems to change. At those times, it’s easy to blame others and even question whether what you are doing is worth it.

Of course, honor how you are feeling and then move on. Take a look at yourself and where do you have the opportunity to improve how you approach other with respect, appreciation, and compassion.

In the end, the vast majority of the time – it IS worth it.


High Value Success

I have a friend, Jordan, used to be disappointed with just about everything and everyone.

Over a coffee, he shared, with me, that the source of his upset was within himself.

To his credit, my friend’s self-awareness led to his taking responsibility for how he reacted to the people and circumstances in his life. Not only is Jordan happier today, he is more successful, too – in ways meaningful to him.

Have a great day,

To Grow Your Success . . .

It seems like a ton of people have the “one” answer on how to achieve greater success. Actually, each year experts deliver the next perfect model to do so. Do what does this tell us?

  • There is no one answer.
  • Learn what you can and then craft your own “best of” that you can implement consistently.
  • Teach what you learn to others – an excellent way to solidify what you know.

Oh yes – the biggest thing of all is to let go of a “right way” to succeed – then you will grow your success AND happiness.

Have a great day,

Winning Starts with You

You may want to reach a goal and achieve something important to you. Yet you could derail yourself if you wait for the right person to be your partner, cheerleader, and/or mentor. While is is essential to have support, an outside perspective, and people to complement your strengths, you will likely need to take the first step. Then other could jump in.

Have a great day,

Refuse to Let “No” Be Your Driver

I was working with someone recently who sat slumped in a chair in my office. When I asked the person (Let’s call him, Todd) what was wrong. Todd told me someone who he really respects told him his goal was impossible and to give it up.

While the “expert” could be right (based on his past experience), he also could be absolutely wrong. Yet Todd took the expert’s opinion as fact and was about to give up on his startup venture. I’m glad he didn’t.

Have a good day,