Your 4-Minute Mile

Once it was believed that no human being could run a 4-minute mile (let alone anything faster than that.) The barrier was broken decades ago by someone who didn’t believe in this arbitrary constraint.

So what is the “4-minute mile” in your life? Where have you placed limitations on your own potential? You, too, can break through the invisible barriers holding you back. What small step can you take today to begin “training”?

Have a wonderful day,


Double VIP Status

What would your life look and feel like if you treated each person you met like the most important person in the world? And do it all while treating yourself excellently like that –  feeling generosity from deep within your heart and having fun all along the way.

I know a man who follows this approach each and every day. He is an amazingly success personally and professionally – and the people who are fortunate enough to know him feel special each time they get together. He feels great, too.

What could be better? Test out this approach and let us know what happens.

Have a great day,

Don’t Wait!

If you have something you want to accomplish, today is the day to act on it. Even one small step is a great start. Momentum is more important than the size of the action.

So press go!

Have a great day,

When Small is Fast

I will admit it, since childhood I have wanted to achieve my goals yesterday. Perhaps it’s a lack of patience or that I can get discouraged fairly easily. Whatever the cause, I wanted to accomplish my goals quickly and this led to a great deal of frustration – even though I cross the finish line more often than not.

That all said, I was looking for ways to accelerate my progress. What I found might surprise you. Friend and colleagues suggested that I acknowledge where I was and start small.  I initially objected as I thought this would make me fall behind. What I learned is that no matter how small that action, I actually achieved whatever I set out to do faster when I completed the task consistently. I also felt great which made me up my game and do a bit more.

As you set goals, determinations, and/or objectives, when you start small you will finish faster than you expect.


How to Remain Undefeated

It’s always exciting when our favorite team is undefeated. Yet, to me, the more important consideration is how you, me, and each person on earth can remain undefeated in this lifetime?

Some people believe that never having a defeat is impossible. I would disagree. Pause and remember what “undefeated” actually means. It is not that you never have a setback, obstacle, or even a failure. It really means not quitting, giving up, or giving in to doubt, fear, or discouragement.

Defeat begins in your mind and so does winning. You get to choose.

Have a great day,

Self-Generated Motivation

It’s a funny thing about motivation, you don’t often notice how motivated you are until your motivation goes down or even stops.

So how can you prevent these lapses in forward motion? It’s simple, even if not easy:

  • Know why you want to achieve a specific goal. Pile on the reasons now as you will likely need them later.
  • Take actions that are big enough to be interesting and absolutely doable regardless of your time, energy, and commitments.
  • Count everything you start, complete, and take off your plate as a win.

With this as a solid beginning, you can start and keep your momentum going. Then your motivation is self-generating and self-sustaining.

Have a great day,

Find the Treasures Within the Junk

I have a friend who is masterful at going to resale shops and finding amazing things. While I see piles and piles of some really yucky looking stuff, she zeros in items that are really the best of the best.

While her approach works on clothing, jewelry, and leather goods, it’s even more powerful when looking at people. Each person has something truly incredible, although it can be (REALLY) hidden. The “fun” thing is in locating the gem in each person. When you do, the other person feels valued, you could develop a new friend, and who knows the wonderful things you could create together!

Have a great day,

Care, Courage, and Competence Lead to . . .

Do you want to win again and again – personally and professionally? It’s a three-parter. While the elements are not a secret, most people omit at least one of the elements. They are:

  • Care – others want to know that we have genuinely want to connect with them and  see them succeed. They will help us do the same.
  • Courage – taking fear on with even a tiny bit of courage helps us build confidence and credibility.
  • Competence – having the skills to do whatever we set out to do is essential. Yet you don’t have to know everything and others will “teach” us if we let them.

So bring care, courage, and competence to whatever you do and you will expand your opportunities, relationships, and success.

Enjoy the day,

Stay in the Game to WIN!

Did you know that the difference between win and lose is often a teeny time amount – less than you can imagine.

Also, most people give up on the verge of victory – just because they are tired, can’t see enough progress, or have moments of doubt.

Then, they quit – leaving no possibility of victory.

So deliberately keep yourself in the game!

Enjoy your day,

Obstacle: Friend or Foe?

Obstacles of any kind can bring up fear in the hearts of even the most courageous. This is especially true if everything is moving long and then BAM, a dreaded obstacle appears. At first, it’s easy to see it as barrier, stumbling block, obstruction, impediment, and a big old problem. I certainly do – and am not super proud of this.

That said, an obstacle is also a challenge and those are good for your goals, brain, and happiness. A challenge keeps you stimulated, moving ahead, and expanding your capacity, courage, and confidence. Sounds pretty good, right?

So the next time an obstacle shows up in your life in the form of an unwanted situation, difficult person, or even self-doubt, be upset for a nanosecond. Then explore how the obstacle could be just what you need, say “thank you”, and then get to work to make it your friend and ally.

Have a great day,