Missed Opportunities

Yesterday, a friend was moaning about how opportunities were shrinking and no one wanted a person of her age. While some opportunities could be out of reach to my friend, more than likely – she is shutting out / shutting down opportunities that could be viable. Why would my friend close out opportunities, especially if she believes the numbers are decreasing? Good question.

Here are some possibilities for why my friend misses opportunities:

  • She is living in the past and the new opportunities aren’t with what she is familiar. SCARY.
  • Current opportunities may require skills she doesn’t have – but could obtain. TOO MUCH TROUBLE.
  • She wants to work when it fits into the rest of her life (which is her number one priority). WORK IS MORE OF A HOBBY THAN A COMMITMENT.

So if you are like my friend and see a shrinking set of opportunities, pause and see if the opportunities are actually less. Or, if you have put barriers in the way, shutting out good stuff that could be great for you?


Power Pivots

I work with people, quite often, who to want to change everything in their careers – from a new industry to a new company to a new geography – all at once. What they describe as pivots are actually 180s – and can be intimidating, scary, and hard to pull off in one fell swoop. That said, pivots of any size that are progressive, can move you in the direction of the mega shifts.

So instead of thinking of ALL of the things you need to do to accomplish your big goal, take a step back and see what you can accomplish today – with the talents, resources, and time you have. Then you create a solid foundation of power pivots that help you create the future you want.


If There Are Too Many to Choose

Oh my gosh! There are so many ideas, projects, and options where you can put your time, focus, and resources of all kinds. How can a person decide what to choose? I know, at times,  my head will start to spin by all of the possibilities. Yet, I hate to say “no” to anything out of a fear of missing out.

That all said, I have learned to streamline the options so I can move ahead. Here are the three criteria I personally use:

  • How important is this idea, project, option to me? How does it align with my personal values and purpose?
  • Can I succeed with the skills, talents, and knowledge I have (or could develop)?
  • Will it be fun?

While these may not be your criteria, be sure to have some. Then, you can put your time and effort where you will have the payback and satisfaction.

Whatever you do, don’t delay. You could miss the opportunity and the good stuff that goes along with it.


Keep Learning to Succeed

I am a BIG supporter of learning – now, tomorrow, and forever. This commitment is actually part of my personal purpose – “to learn and share what I learn with others to help them achieve their goals and dreams.” I would go so far as to say that when you stop learning, your opportunities will shrink or completely disappear. So keep learning!!!!

It’s really important to keep an open mind about what learning actually means and how to do it. Learning is everything from a graded academic class and a MOOC (Mass Open Online Class), to a podcast / TED talk and old school paper books.

Don’t worry about where you start and how much time you invest. Just choose something and go. My daily commitment to learning is 10 minutes a day. While it may seem small, the time adds up, creates momentum, and I learn a lot.

Go for it – and share what you learn to help others. Thanks for that!!!!

Enjoy the day,

Find the Love or Lose

My friend, Melissa, believes that if you want to have a happier and more successful like, you MUST find the love. At first, I wasn’t sure what she actually meant or how you could possibly love everyone. Seemed a bit idealistic to me.

So here’s what I learned and apply in my life:

  • The reality of life is that there are a ton of people who aren’t very nice and don’t even care about us.
  • That said, if we treat them as they are treating us – NOTHING will change.
  • So, each of us needs to become excellent detectives and find even one tiny thing that is valuable about the other person.
  • That kernel of good stuff is the foundation of finding other positive things in the other person.
  • Best of all, once we find this valuable stuff – the other person can sense it and their attitude toward us can absolutely change for the better.

Super cool, huh?

Enjoy the day,

If You’re Stalled, Just Do This.

I know that my biggest roadblock is my fear of getting it wrong. What a set up?!? There is no way to get it right all of the time.

So what are people like you and me to do? Ahhh. The good news, there is an answer and it’s NOT a secret. Act. It doesn’t matter how small the step, just that do it as long as it moves you in the direction of your goal.

One more thing – if you aren’t taking action even with that tiny step – it’s likely still too big. Make it smaller – without judgment. Your assignment – if you choose to accept it – is to create momentum. When you do, you will feel good, be motivated to take more steps, and your goal will get closer and closer and closer. Ta-Dah!

Have a great day,