Taking a Recharge Pause

As part of my summer refresh, I am taking a pause on writing Encouragizers’s blog posts to recharge and get my creative juices flowing. Back to posting on the blog on 9.7.2016. Could be sooner, but certainly by 9.7.2016.

Enjoy the remaining days of summer 2016.

Thanks so much,


Eclipse the Negative

Let me tell you from firsthand experience that negativity can seep in the most unlikely, yet insidious ways. Things are going along great for me and then little by little, I sap my energy, confidence, and determination by failing to find value in my day-to-day activities.

Yet the fix is quick, decisive, and powerful: I focus on the reality of the situation while actively searching, acknowledging, and acting on the good.

Enjoy your day,

Gaining Supporters

Some people believe that others will support you if you are beautiful, graduated from a prestigious university, and work for a great company. No doubt, these thing can help. However, they can be fleeting, transient.

Enduring advocates come such because we keep our word, give as well as receive, and treat the other person as a human being – not solely as a conduit to resources.

Make the other person feel authentically valued and that individual can be your supported for life.

Have a great day,


Banish Success Atrophy

I was chatting with someone this week who wasn’t doing that well. His success was really diminishing and his advancement had stalled. When we got down to the “cause”, he share list of reasons, that by the end he realized were excuses. These excuses were causing his drive, initiative, and resilience to atrophy.

In the moment, my friend decided to be aware of his making excuses and instead find babysteps he could take and create a series of mini-victories. In the process, he is building “muscles” that can take him far.


Challenge as Motivator

It is often said that positively transforming obstacles increases our capacity, courage, and confidence. I would add one more thing to that list: I believe we becoming more self-motivating.

Let me give you an example: I was working with someone who wants to start a venture and I truly believe that he will be successful because his motivation is deep, enduring, and self-perpetuating. It comes from his experiences as a young child, where at age ten he had to start small business to help support his family – food, clothing, and shelter.

These experiences are his foundation for today and far in the future.

Take a look at the present and past – where have your challenges created a solid foundation for your life and success? Leverage this today and into the future.

Have a great day,