Every Action Counts

How do you behave when no one is looking and you don’t get “extra credit”? While some people make a big show of their kindness and generosity in public, others do incredibly good works behind the scenes.

One such friend comes to mind. He is a truly amazing human being. Everyone knows it, but not because he tells them. I’ll call him EveryMan, since every man and woman could learn a few things from him.

Well, I’ve known EveryMan for a long time. I met him volunteering for my MBA alumni club. I was giving a speech and he was making club announcements in his role as President. He became club president not as a resume enhancer, but for what he could give back to the school.

As time went on, we became friends. One day over lunch, this successful executive slipped in that – oh, by the way – he provides scholarships to two inner city young men, so that they can attend private school. “I want them to have opportunities like I’ve had,” he told me. As I looked at him, this poised businessman suddenly had transformed into a slightly shy and awkward adolescent who had just gotten “caught” doing something good.

“They even write to me and they’re doing great,” he said. A big smile spread across his face – like a proud parent.

We went on with our lunch and conversation. I never looked at EveryMan the same way again. I bet his parents are proud.

Each of us contributes in different ways. EveryMan gives scholarships. Debbie walks to raise money to find a cure. Ellen spends her “extra” money buying supplies for the kids in her elementary school class.

So what will you do? Donate food to your local food pantry. Volunteer in your community. Share encouragement with a friend. It all counts. You count. So go out and do something.



No Need to Be Perfect

My friend, Barbara, is a marathoner as a runner and in life. She lives her life with perseverance, kindness, and determination. She has an amazingly long list of accomplishments – personally and professionally.

So it surprised me when told a group of us that for most of her life she felt weak. Yet this “flaw” actually makes her accessible to all kinds of people from all walks of life.

So look at a “limitation” in your life. How can you make this an encouraging strength beginning today?


Now Is the Time and You Are the Person

Some people believe that most people don’t want to change and so must be dragged kicking and screaming to change – and if violence is required, well it’s part of the territory.

Yet, endurable and sustainable change requires a different approach. The most powerful means is a “revolution” in the heart and soul of each person on the planet. As each of us heals the pain, hurt, and anger within, our lives (and our environments) will be elevated. Isn’t that what we all want.

Now is the time and you are the person.

Do it,

Are You Stalling?

Do you ever find that you really want to move ahead, but you aren’t doing what needs to get done?

Hectic schedules can be a good “excuse”, but there’s usually more to it. Fear, doubt, and/or not seeing a clear pathway could be underlying reasons. Yet there are solutions.

First, decide that you really want to do the thing that is stalled. Second, recommit to it. Third, find things that you are willing to do and feel capable of completing. Finally, move at the pace that feels comfortable for you. Then being stalled will become a thing of the past.

Act even a little today,


Are You Intimidated by Your Goals?

It was once said, “The ocean is made of drops.” So are your dreams.

If there is something that you really desire but are intimidated by, all that stands between you and your dream.

Realize that you control the pace. You can take lots of steps or just a few at a time. It’s all up to you. Either way, you will make progress as long as you exert yourself each and every day.

Enjoy your progress today,

The Power of a Little Hope

Do you usually have hope?

Sometimes circumstances can hide hope under a cloak of doubt and fear, yet it’s always there if you look for it. There are hopeful stories everywhere – even in the midst of challenge, tragedy, and sadness.

The next time you need a little hope, ask for it when you self-reflect, pray, or meditate. Then listen. Your answer will likely show up in the voice of a friend, family member, colleague, or stranger.


The Power of Practical Imagination

Why do two people look have the same dream – one sees it as impossible while the other sees it as possible?

Often the difference between fantasy and a doable dream is an infusion of practical imagination – the ability to see new possibilities along with the means to make them a reality. This is talent and art that can be learned by virtually anyone.

Start with a good teacher – you will some of the best around in kindergarten and first grade classes.

Thank you,

The Real Opportunity

Ever finish a goal and feel a little let down?

It’s not a big surprise because most of what brings true value to your life is the learning process itself. While goals help motivate you to advance, the endless learning process provides opportunities to feel competent, confident, and successful.

So what will you learn today?

Have a great day,

Never Say Never

I recently overhear two men in an elevator say the following: “George, there are just no wise people where I work. People have gotten really stupid and thoughtless – and I let the people I work with know that.”

I figured that George would shrug and begin talking about last night ball game, so his response surprised me: “Ted, I don’t think that wisdom is a thing of the past, there’s not much room for it – the world is so filled with judgment.” And then there was silence.


The 10-15% Solution

Do you sometimes put things off until the last minute and then nearly crash and burn to get the task done on time?

Many procrastinators underestimate the time required, but there is another way.

As soon as you take on a new project or assignment, complete at 10-15% of it early on. Then you can estimate how long the whole project will likely take and set an appropriate pace. This will give you a better perspective, more freedom, and greater peace of mind.

Have a great day,