Do I Have To?

Yesterday, I was coaching an MBA student to get ready for a BIG interview. In my role as interviewer I asked, “What would you do if you are asked to work in tech without an opportunity to do general strategy consulting?” His reply seemed innocent enough, “If I have to, I’d be willing to work in IT.”

Yet his response made me pause and chuckle inside. It made me think of something a friend who preaches, “it’s a get to, not a have to.” Ah-ha! So I stopped this obviously intelligent and capable MBA student and said, “When you said, ‘If I have to” it sounded like working at the firm in tech would be a huge burden.

Then we both laughed. My coachee was a super quick study, “Wow! This is no burden. If I get to work for this firm, I’ll be thrilled . . . but not surprised.” Ooh . . .self-confidence and appreciation all in one package. This guy will go far.

So what’s the point here? Listen to what you say. If you hear a lot of “ I have to do this” and “ I have to do that,” I’ll bet that you often feel exhausted and overwhelmed. So take a little of my friend’s advice and make a list of all of the things you get to do – and watch yourself go from burdened to triumphant

Have a “get to” day,


Jobs You’re Good at and Enjoy

Unless you’re independently wealthy, you have to work. So why not do something you’re good at and enjoy. What kind of work would you do if you were really rich?

Don’t quit your day job yet, but do consider how you can work toward this “dream” job? Before starting, assume there is a way.

Have a great day,

The Language of Kindness

A Russian Proverb states, “A word of kindness is better than a fat pie.”

So think about this . . .

A little kindness can have an enormous impact. So use it generously, especially with yourself.  Actively notice what you say to yourself. Practice using hopeful, optimistic, and encouraging language when talking to yourself. It works on others and it will work on you


Are You on Good Terms with Yourself?

How do you get along with yourself?

The answer to that question holds the key to your happiness.

It’s a simple fact: You can’t please all of the people all of the time. That said, you will find that the more you please yourself, the more independent you’ll become and the more you’ll please others. So make it a practice to be meet your own needs without stepping on anyone else. Start by pleasing yourself at least once today.

Have a great day,

How to Empower Yourself

An easy, practical, and fun idea . . .

Make your own quotation book.  Every time you read or think of something you want to remember, enter it in a notebook or journal. Review your quotes often to make you think and brighten your spirits.

And while you’re at it, share your treasury of quotes book with others.

Have a great day,

Make an Authentic Connection

Speak cheerfully. Learn people’s names. Be generous with your attention and praise. Listen to others’ opinions. These ideas don’t cost much time or money and they’re a great investment toward a full and satisfying life.

Do for others without neglecting yourself. In time, you’ll find the right balance for you.


Life After Adulthood

Being an “adult” enables you to take responsibility for your life, support yourself, and make a contribution to your family, community, and workplace. But don’t forget your youthful rebellious side.  Give it a voice or it will fight to be heard. So, explore something new today – just because you want to. And . . .enjoy the process!

Innovate today,

Up Your Zest

Living without love and support may not kill your body, but it will wound your soul. Without love your spirit will wither, leaving you depressed, anxious, and without a zest for life.  So go out and get love. The only way to do that is put love in your heart and share it with those you care about.

Have a great day,

Why Rate Others?!?

Why put people into categories at all? Why distance a person from you by classifying him or her as an “undesirable?” Everyone has a God-like self or Buddha nature. All you have to do is find it. Here’s a little secret: the best of another person will surface when you generously share the best of yourself!

Have a good day,

Be a Benefit

Be a benefit to those you see and talk to.

Certainly do not sacrifice yourself or be untrue to what you believe in. However, do focus on the good in each person and circumstance – and share the good in you with others.

With that in mind, you will be a benefit in others’ lives – guaranteed. And the benefits to you will be enormous.

Thank you,