The Space to Breakthrough

I was having lunch with a friend today. He was sharing  how he has been waiting for an ah-ha moment to be able to see his next move. At first, he wanted to do a bunch of things and act in ways to find this next Big Thing. Yet a wise mentor told him that he needed to step out of what he ordinarily does and put himself in situations he had never been in before.

My friend is up for the challenge and he and I both know that breakthroughs need space, a doubt free zone, and the support from others who will love you whether you breakthrough or not.



Leading Success

I was chatting with a friend recently. His company has gone through a merger and the employees of the acquired company is (shall we say) less than cooperative. This man’s frustration is running high because of the lack of action by his new colleagues.

To his credit, my friend realizes that he has been negatively judging his new co-workers and has to stop. Instead, he is looking at places where his preconceived notions can be a pivot point to new and more productive relationships.

Have a great day,

You Can’t Win – Or Can You?

I have been meeting with people who have a “hidden” dream that they believe is impossible. They never pursue it (even a little), so it’s not clear if the goal is achievable or not. Living in that limboland is unfair to you and to those who want you to succeed.

So be honest with yourself. What do you really want to do? You can experiment a bit before committing full out. Who knows, you could win grandly.


Success Requires Putting a Line in the Sand

I was working with someone today who is very flexible and is open to many options. While on the surface, this could seem brilliant, it’s quite the opposite. In today’s world, individuals want to support others who have a firm idea of where they want to go and the specific value they bring.

So if you are not advancing the way you would like and/or not receiving the support you thought you would – perhaps it’s time to choose what you want to do and where you want to be.

Putting that line in the sand can help you created success and happiness.


Stay the Course

There are times that starting something is way easier than completing it, especially when you face an obstacle. At those moments, launching something new could appeal to you. I suggest that you pause and ask yourself if you are moving on out of convenience or because it’s the right thing to do. Only you will know for sure.

If it’s out of convenience, stay the course. The rewards are great.