Goals and Dreams

In the midst of daily life – work, family, and other stuff, many things can end up on the back burner. It’s easy to lose sight of a goal or dream that had once been at the center of your life.

So just for today, revisit one goal or dream and if you want to pursue it again. If you choose to, you can take action a bit at a time.

Enjoy the weekend,


Uncompromising Respect

I was chatting with a very talented individual today who made an excellent point about respect. If you don’t “require” it, you won’t receive it and your behavior will actually discourage those around you.

When I got off the phone with her, I deeply reflected on where I ignore bits and pieces of disrespect and write them off as so small that they aren’t that important. Yet even those little things add up and the end result could land you in a place where you don’t want to be.

Take a moment to think about how you give and receive respect – or the opposite. Your behavior trains those around you.

Just a thought,

The Mega Power

There are many things that help us succeed and be happy – from appreciation to a zest for life.

However, the “R” word is one of the most impactful of all, and that’s resilience. Without it, it is easy to be swayed by the vicissitudes of.life – thrown into frustration, disappointment, and even defeat. Yet with it, challenges become fuel for growth, power, and confidence.

Have a great day,

Two Simple Strategies That Work

It’s really common sense: do what do say you are going to do and acknowledge others. When you complete these simple, accessible, and little or no cost actions, you win. Winning leads to greater confidence, happiness and wealth.

So why doesn’t everyone do this? It’s clearly not that they don’t know what to do. I believe that many people are looking for something more complicated, complex, and weighty. Perhaps those things can work, too – but why not go for what works today and will for eons to come.

Thanks for reading this,

The Power of New Goals

Some people love to set goals and yet others shy away from them, especially when life is filled with obstacles.

However, this is precisely the time to step up and write out a new goal. Doing so, will help you propel forward, increase your capacity, and expand your confidence – all of which will prepare you for something even bigger in the future.

Have a great week,

Too Much Too Soon – Beware

I was chatting with someone this week who was stymied by his lack of progress in getting help from others. He shared his email communication with me and he was clearly asking for more than the new relationship could support. What became clear to both of us was that his too big request was literally sending the person away, derailing the hope of a connection, and compromising the reputation of the askee.

So, before you request something, be sure you are asking the right person and what you are asking for is appropriate for the relationship at that stage – along with it being REALLY easy for the person to say “yes”. When you do, both parties will feel good about the interchange and be open to sharing more – now and into the future.

Have a great weekend,

Advancement At Any Age

At least weekly, individuals tell me that they are either too young or too old to do something. While there are age constraints in a variety of activities, in many cases there are not.

Yesterday after work, I had the opportunity to meet with a remarkable woman who is decades past the traditional retirement. I was there with another individual to offer this woman a leadership position in a volunteer organization that is having a very positive impact around the globe.

Her reply to the offer was, “yes and I hope I can do enough.” I know that she will do a great job because the people to whom she will lead respect and admire this woman tremendously.

Way to go, friend!

So what have you back burnered because of age? Time to reconsider and even charge ahead.

Have a great day,

The Power of Others’ Success for You

Have you ever heard of someone have a big success – personally or professionally – and felt less than happiness for that person? I suspect that we all have – and it’s human nature. Just catch it early and don’t allow it to become a pattern of holding grudges.

What I have seen and research is showing this as well is that when we resent an other’s successes and happy moments, we derail our own good fortune by creating barriers with no positive value.

So sincerely and authentically celebrate others’ achievements, accomplishments, and happy times. You will feel great as you share positive acknowledgement each and every day.


The Success Power Duo Plus

Last night I was with a group of friends and we were studying some very interesting material. As part of the discussion, we did a really fun and enlightening exercise (thank you, Megan).

Each of us wrote down a goal along with three actions we were going to take. Knowing that we would share the goal and actions with the group, we each chose what to write down accordingly.

Then, we put our goal sheet face down in a pile. After they were shuffled, we chose one (not our own) and then read it to the group. Once we were done, we were told to keep the other person’s goal sheet and think about the individual accomplishing the goal and how we might help that person.

Very cool, encouraging, and practical. Try it.

Warm regards,

Steer Clear of This Derailer

I was chatting with a friend over the weekend and she was exhausted, drained, and distraught. I was glad she trusted me to reach out. As we were talking,  it was clear she was waging a battle in each area of her life. No wonder she was so tired.

At first, I didn’t know how to assist her. I battle with my own challenges and wanted to just agree with her about how hard things can be. Yet, I knew that would do little to help either of us – beyond the immediate release from venting.

I really need to thank my friend for calling because she reminded me that while we need to fight for what’s important to us and overcome our weaknesses, sometimes what we really need to do is let go of the battle. I was once told that the more pressure you put on something, the more resistance you will receive – and when we let go, we are able to release the resistance and open up a pathway for many good things.

Of course, battle if you must – but at least take a step back and see if it is helping or derailing you.

Have a great week,