Happy Holidays!

Have a wonderful holiday season and a fabulous new year.

Back blogging on 1.3.2011 – if not before.

Thank you for a terrific year,


Confused? Ask Questions and Increase Your Success

Whenever I feel confused and stuck, I know it’s time to ask another question. I can usually find lots of things to question, yet there are some times that I can’t. That’s when I pull out my Creative Whack Pack, a wonderful deck of brainstorming cards. Then the questions, ideas, and often solutions come to me. For those of you with an iPhone or iPad, there is also a Creative Whack Pack app.

So is you are a little unsettled today and not sure of your next steps, ask a question or even a whole series of them – and see your confidence, success, and happiness grow.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Harnessing the Power of Why

Whenever I find myself struggling with a task or even an entire project – after I mope, feel frustrated, and wonder what’s wrong with me – I step back and ask myself: “Why am I doing this?”

Sometimes it’s something I need to do to deliver a program, article, or proposal. Yet, I can still dig and find a bigger purpose for my action – from taking a step toward a longer term goal or dream to helping one or many people be happier and more successful.

So if you find yourself not making the progress that you desire, employ the power of why. As you do, you will find the energy to complete the task at hand, accelerate your advancement, and inspire your heart for whatever is next.

Have a great Tuesday,

Is it Really the Happiest Time of the Year?

Many people believe that the month of December is the happiest time of the year, yet many others are sad and filled with regrets. What is the difference?

While circumstances can play a part in how one feels, the bigger factor is perspective and a determined sense to appreciate the people and opportunities we do have – and the value that we bring to others in our lives and beyond. Honestly, this is an area I feel quite challenged by.

Today,  I am taking a short inventory and writing down the people who make my life better (and how), the circumstances where I have gained at least a little something, and where I have given to others – at home, work, school, and in your community. When I am done, I will add all of this up and celebrate the success and happiness I  have had this year. I invite you to join me.

December is a time to celebrate all kinds of things.

I wish you the best of everything,

The Success and Happiness Multiplier

I received an email this morning from an alumnus from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He thanked me for a card I had sent him and he went on to share with me the power of handwritten communication in an ultra wired world. “I know people,” he said, “who claim that writing such a note on every day of their life has dramatically improved their life by making them more appreciative, letting people know how they feel, and generally sharing small pieces of joy.”

I would agree with his friends. When we look around and find things we value in others and share with them what they see – they feel better on so many levels and so do we.

Appreciation, in the form of handwritten notes (or in whatever ways you like,) increase a person’s happiness and confidence to succeed – in the moment and far beyond. Then these good feelings ripple out into the world in ways we can’t even begin to foresee.

Share a little thankfulness with another today and watch your success and happiness multiply.

Have a great weekend,

Write an Encouragizer Note and Positively Change Your Life

Fantasizing versus Going for It

Do you have fantasies about your future, thinking about all of the possible twists and turns that your life could take? This is terrific as long as you live your life actively at each moment. So today, give all of yourself to whatever you do – from enjoying that first cup of coffee in the morning to taking action toward your Big Dreams. It’s all up to you.

So instead of fantasizing about the perfect future, why not take some time today to enjoy the real possibility of a satisfying present.


Write an Encouragizer Note and Positively Change Your Life

Doing Good is in Your Own Best Interest

Doing good is something that has in built-in reward. An act to kindness doesn’t cost a thing and yet the benefits to both the giver and receiver can be significant and life-changing.

So today, spend at least 5 minutes sharing some thoughtfulness with another person. Experience the rewards with you mind and heart.

Have a great Wednesday,

Write an Encouragizer Note and Positively Change Your Life