Getting Ready to Go

It’s funny how things move along whether or not we are ready. I have actually worked with people who spent so much time getting ready that by the time they were set to go, the opportunity had long passed. Fortunately, these people are outliers.

That said, preparation is crucial and so is action. How much you spend on each depends on you, your goal, and your resources. Yet, do proceed to go. It’s the only way to accomplish your goals, be successful, and increase your happiness.

Have a great weekend,


Genuine Compliments Empower

I was having lunch with a friend recently. This is a woman of deep skill, great determination, and profound wisdom. Let it be our secret because I don’t believe she necessarily perceives herself this way.

At the end of the lunch, she thanked me for seeing things in her that she doesn’t see in herself. “I call them the way see them,” I chuckled. Between you and me, her greatest shines like a klieg light on the red carpet at the Oscars.

Sharing the positive qualities in individuals brightens the day of the other person and you. Keep doing it!

Have a great day,

Restructure Your Perspective

I met a friend who is struggling to make ends meet in a job where they don’t really treat him well. He feels that he has no place to go and is feeling more and more resentful.

I wouldn’t say that how he felt is unreasonable; his situation is untenable. Yet, during our conversation, it was clear that no matter how “right” he felt, that point of view was getting him no where. For the first 30 minutes of the conversation, he wasn’t willing to budge. However, the more he talked, the more he realized that he was causing his own demise. He decided to take a small step to restructure his attitude.

While a shift of perspective is an iterative thing, each small step moves us closer to greater success and happiness.

Have a great day

Life is Precious

I received some very sad news today about someone I know. Here is a person who was vibrant, generous, and lived with integrity. I had a meeting scheduled with her and she never showed up. I was very surprised since she had sent me a confirmation the day before. I was also worried and left her a voicemail. I never heard back. She had passed away earlier that morning – at age 35.

Don’t wait. If you want to do something, begin right now. People will help you if you ask.

Best regards,

Simple is Better

I was on the bus thing morning chatting with someone I see periodically. Since we ended up sitting together, she shared a tricky situation at work with me. The more she described it, the more complex the circumstances and people dynamics got. My head started to spin. Then I stopped and quickly asked myself, “How can she simply gain headway?” The answer was clear – find something that her nemesis can say yes to in order to get things moving in a positive direction.

When I shared my thoughts with my CTA co-traveler, she smiled and seemed relieved.

Simple is better because you actually make it happen.

Have a great day,

Whose Voice Leads You to Success

I was chatting with a friend in Northern California last week and he is contemplating going back to school. He has taken the first step, apply and get into the program of his choice. Yet he is torn. Some of his friends and family members are excited, encouraging, and cheering him on. Yet there is a small but very vocal group that is trying to get him to forget about school and just do what he has been doing for 25 years.

Ultimately, my friend will need to listen to his own voice. After all, he is not putting anyone in financial distress and this is his dream. My question to him was: Are you brave enough to listen to your own voice and move toward what you have wanted for more than ten years?

It’s a great question for each of us to ask of ourselves – go after the dream or not?

Have a pleasant weekend,

Reach Out With Patience

Last night I was talking to my mother. Somehow her TV (in the living room) was turned off “incorrectly” and when she turned it back on  – nothing, only a black screen with the number two in the upper right-hand corner. She and I both knew that we needed to change that two to a three and everything would be fine.

We tried. I went on my tablet and pulled how a picture of her remote so we could work on this together along with the manual. Even though we didn’t fix her TV last night, the time and effort we both made helped her feel better – and the patience I employed came in handy this morning in a situation at the office.

Patience can be time-consuming, frustrating, and even annoying. Yet, it can also be worth it. With patience, you can brighten another person’s heart as it can show how much you care.


Generously Powerful

I have a friend (whose birthday is today) who is an overall great person. There are things that could make him feel superior to the rest of us (a PhD, brilliance, and great wealth), yet he is the opposite. His power comes not from his degrees, talent, and riches, but from his deep connection to a vow to help all people become happy and a generosity that emanates from that vow.

Happy Birthday, DB.

Have a great day,

Instant Success

I have been working on a goal for a few years and have been making solid progress – most of the time. Yet recently, I felt like I was stalling out and even losing ground. So, over the weekend I decided that I needed a bit of “Instant Success” – something small enough that I could do it on day one.

So I decided what action I would take each day for a week, starting yesterday. Right before I went to sleep, I looked at my to-do list and realized that I had completed what I set out to do.

Woooohoooo for me. “Instant Success” made me feel wonderful and when I got up this morning, I was ready to happily complete my tiny action again.

I would say that “Instant Success” is an instant success.

Give it a go and I think you will see good things unfold.

Have a great day,

Who Controls Your Success?

One of the themes of my conversations last week was about who controls one’s success and happiness? The answer was split. One group of individuals clearly believes that each of us is responsible regardless of our circumstances. The other side was that specific negative situations, people, and organizations skew things – and usually for the worse.

So who is right? What do you think?

Best regards,