Open New Channels

Some people (including myself at times) continue to pursue a path that isn’t really yielding the desired results. Why this may seem illogical, it can seem like an “easy” as the path of least resistance.

So if you feel like you’re not making the progress that you want, take a babystep out of your comfort zone and so something different. Consider this a series of of tiny experiments. Start with a goal that is low risk and enjoy the ride.

Much success,

Step Up: The World is Waiting

I often chat with people who aren’t sure they have enough of one thing or another to really add major value to the world. Once and for all, this just isn’t so. Each of us has many things that at least one other person needs to hear, learn from, and take action on.

So before you negate your next idea, product, or project – STOP! You could be the perfect person to do what is noodling around in your head. So do it and remember, you don’t have to do everything yourself. You can build a team to support your efforts.

Have a great day,

Share Some Confidence

If you’ve ever read or heard another person’s story and it inspired you to take action where you had previously been stalled, you borrowed a bit of confidence. While you eventually needed to build your own confidence, in the short term you could ride on the tail of an individual’s triumph over a challenge.

I can tell you, from first hand experience, that learning about others’ tales, of turning obstacles into a success, was a lifeline for me in one of the most difficult times in my life. I will be eternally grateful.

So, what’s your story? Who can you encourage by sharing it? Do so and you share a bit of confidence in the process.

Have a great day,

Tell Your Power Story

What story do you tell about yourself, your career, and life? It is either one of advancement, victory, and growth or one that ends in loss, discouragement, and defeat. Two stories, yet often one set of circumstances. How others perceive your story depends on what you focus and whether you are the victor or victim.

Have a good day,

Refuse to Let “No” Be Your Driver

I was working with someone recently who sat slumped in a chair in my office. When I asked the person (Let’s call him, Todd) what was wrong. Todd told me someone who he really respects told him his goal was impossible and to give it up.

While the “expert” could be right (based on his past experience), he also could be absolutely wrong. Yet Todd took the expert’s opinion as fact and was about to give up on his startup venture. I’m glad he didn’t.

Have a good day,

The Power of Upside Down Gratitude

I find it super easy to thank individuals for good stuff like – happy times, compliments, and wonderful people. Who wouldn’t, right?

Yet, there is another untapped area of good things. This is the power of upside down gratitude. Upside down gratitude is the value you can find in the not-so-positive and embrace it as crucial to your success and happiness. This requires courage, commitment, and a desire to take the lessons and leverage this for your greater good and the best for others.


Be a Comeback Genius

I will say upfront my extracurricular activities tend to go more toward books that sports. In fact, my alma mater, the University of Chicago, didn’t even have a football team that was much more than a “club” team.

So for those who know me, you might be surprised that I watched the Super Bowl. Well, I watched and I am VERY glad I did.

What a comeback story – one from which we can learn a lot:

  • Leadership under pressure. How would you react if you were down by more than three touchdowns with only have the game left? Many would give up, but not Brady. He kept going, putting everything on the line, and getting the rest of the team to believe a win was possible.
  • Not letting time be the deciding factor. The Patriots kept going, knowing that there had never been an overtime in a Super Bowl. Well, now there has been.
  • Finding a bit more determination, tenacity, and guts. When it looks like the tides had turned against Brady and the team, they stayed in the game – clearly with their heads and hearts.

There are many other things you can learn about being a comeback genius from Super Bowl LI. Just don’t find them, put them into action in your own life.

Have a great day,