The Power of “Winter”

I was in a very interesting conversation last evening and to say the group was eclectic is an understatement. Yet, we absolutely agreed on a few things:

  • Winter, or the challenges of life, are not permanent – even if they feel that way.
  • Challenges allow us to develop capacities we didn’t even know we had.
  • When we transform our “winters”, we give hope, encouragement, and a positive example to others.

Even if it’s not how we prefer to have things unfold, winter can be a powerful source of growth, success, and happiness.



Courageous Action

I was with a group of friends yesterday and one person (a cool friend) was sharing how she has a BIG goal – so big it’s scary. She questioned whether she was too afraid to take actions toward her goal.

While this surprised me, I kept listening. As she was describing her “less than bold” actions, I was more and more inspired by her. Her actions are clearly based on her purpose, leverage her strengths, and ARE courageous. By the way,size and speed really do not matter.

Way to go, Susie!!!!

Have a great day,

The Power of Small Data

Many people talk about the power of big data and while this is true, it only tells one side of the story. Small data, or looking at an individual, can help you create value immediately. When you focus on appreciating, acknowledging, and/or improving the life of the person in front of you – you can have an impact right now. What’s more, the positive influence you have on that one individual can ripple out in ways you can even foresee. So what are you waiting for? Act now.

Enjoy your day,

The Power of “Mistakes”

I work with individuals on their careers and one thing I do is help them prep for interviews. One of the most intimidating questions for them is about making mistakes. It’s funny how no one wants to admit to doing something in error and yet we all do it.

There are people who actually gain power, credibility, and confidence because of their mistakes. Here’s why – they take full responsibility, fix the issue, and use it for their growth, advancement, and greater success.

While no one likes to make a mistake, you can turn things around and win in the end.

Have a great day,


Reasonable Actions Create Greater Success

A lot of people believe that big actions yield big results – and this is true IF you are able to take so large steps.

Yet, if you can’t, won’t, and/or aren’t making progress – reasonable actions are SO much better. You score the win, feel accomplished, and increase your courage, confidence, and commitment. What’s more, you could get to your goal even faster than you even expect.

While reasonable it’s flashy, it is effective.

Thanks for the tip, Mary!

Enjoy your day,

How Valuable Are You?

If someone asked you the question,”How valuable are you?” – what would you say? Would you list off your degrees, jobs, and accomplishments?

While these have their place, there is something more. Your worth is a combination of things you can easily measure (like your compensation) AND your attitude and behavior. In today’s world, opportunities are given to those who display both competence and warmth. Competence will open a door and warmth make others want you to stay.

How do you show competence and warmth in your life?

Have a wonderful weekend,