Learn from the Best

When I first started my career, I met David, an extraordinary person. One day,  this rather eccentric, brilliant, and an amazingly handsome man sat down in a meeting with my manager, John, and me. David seemed to know everything, including how to read upside down across the desk. We became friends.

The more I worked with and got to know David, the more I realized what a treasure he was – and how much I wanted to learn from him. Fortunately, I had many hours of guidance from David – an enormous gift that I appreciate to this day. Thank you, David – and happy belated birthday!

Learn from the very best – you owe it to yourself.

Best regards,


The Paradox of the Head Start

I had lunch with a friend today. He is kind, capable, and committed to sharing the best of himself in each and every area of his life. What’s more is his ability to envision trends, strategies, and more – well into the future.

Sometimes, it takes others time to catch up with the opportunities that he so clearly sees. While this can be frustrating, his head start can give him the runway to advance even faster and farther than he thinks.

For those of you who are like my friend, please keep at it.

Much success,

We All Need A Pep Talk

This morning, I was feeling a little mopey. I think it’s mostly the weather, but I was in need of a little boost. Then surprise – it arrived in my inbox thanks to my colleague, Baillie. She sent me a video pep talk. So cool. I laughed out loud. Go check it out NOW http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=64534 . It will be more than worth the 3+ minutes.

Enjoy your pep talk and pass it on.

Have a great day,

Is it an Obstacle or Opportunity?

Obstacles are very tricky things. When they first pop up into my awareness, they appear big, complex, and thoroughly annoying. My negative perception is a combination of not liking my flow interrupted (who does), seeing the worst as my default first reaction, and not finding an immediate benefit.

So my perception of  an obstacle as a dead-end is of my own making. In the obstacle frame of mind,  I choose to stop before “finding the pony in the pony poop”. Once I pause and ask myself (as corny and this may be): where is the gift – I am able to see more than the barrier. What’s more, the goodies I find are often not things I was even actively looking for – and more goodies is a great thing.

My advice – head straight through the obstacle and activity seek the goodies.

Have a great Monday,

The Perfect Mirror

This morning started off with a bit of a challenge – family stuff (don’t even ask). My immediate reaction was to think about how they should change. If only this one would do this and that one would to that. While it can be momentarily comforting to see others as the cause of my upset, this is very limiting, frustrating, and self-defeating.

Our relationships are a perfect mirror – to learn from, to expand our capacity, and ultimately create enormous, happiness, success, and love.

Go for it!

Have a great weekend,

Greedy for Happiness

Does the word greedy make your think selfish, manipulative, and exploiting? From one side you are right. From another side, you are absolutely wrong – no offense!

If you reach out for your happiness with a tiny, dainty teacup, guess how much happiness you will have? Not much – and you will not have much to give others.

Now what about reaching out for your happiness with a massive ocean liner? Think of how terrific your life can be and how many others you can positively impact.

Have a great day,

Prepare for the Best

I was thinking about this really common phrase: “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

While I understand that preparation for anything is essential, I wonder if we are missing something really important. How would life be even better if we prepared for the best? What amazing things could we learn? How would our eyes be open to people and resources  we just miss?

I am going to experiment by preparing for the best. Please join me!

Have a great day,

Soar Through Change

I am one of those people who doesn’t really like the process of change, but love the results. So, I find myself resisting the process instead of using it to accelerate my growth, success, and happiness.

I have come to realize that my resistance comes from too much strategizing. This may seem counterintuitive, but over-strategizing is not a good thing – at least for me.

What I have found instead is having a clear idea of what I want from the change, seeing the possible outcomes, impact and implications (I give myself a limited amount of time for this,) and then letting go. Letting go is terrifically hard for me. Yet when I make that part of my change process, life is good, success is expanded, and resistance is nearly eliminated.

Just a few thoughts,

What Your Next Step Says About Your Future

Not to be cliche, but it is true that our future is the sum of a whole lot of action we’ve taken in the past. While some actions may be more important than others, they all count and determine who we are and who we become.

So today, think before you act. The thinking part doesn’t have to be long, even a moment gives you the opportunity to pause and explore the implications (good and not so good) for your life.

Massive amounts of action can take you far. Choosing what you do can help you go in the right direction.

Have a great Monday,

Winning for Yourself and Others

I was on a conference call last night. It was about a study program. While all are welcome, individuals can only participate once. There were many questions about logistics, timing, and even the materials. Yet the greatest number of questions were around, “why can’t I participate more than once?”

While the formal program is a one time thing, the application of what was learned can span years, locations, and many different groups of people.

This got me thinking – where do I hold on to knowledge that could be easily shared with others – for their benefit. What a simple and straightforward way to make others lives better and learn even more in the process.

Have a wonderful weekend,