The Success Destroyer

Complaints are a funny thing – they can feel really great in the moment and yet can actually derail your best efforts to achieve your goals and dreams.

Here’s how it usually goes. You start with a complaint – even a minor one. It things aren’t resolved, the complaint can grow and become a bit of resentment. If the resentment isn’t resolved, it can morph into a full-fledged grudge.

Grudges (even the ones you feel totally justified having) are like roadblocks. They stop you in your tracks and prevent you from becoming successful and happy.

Have a great day,

The “Danger” of Dropping the Ball

I was meeting with someone recently who had missed a really important event that was pivotal to his career. It’s not that forgetting to do one thing is the end of the world, but in this case led to a whole series of missteps and missed opportunities.

Just like we can train ourselves to develop good habits that help us achieve our goals and aspirations, we can also train ourselves to fail – and I don’t want this to happen to you.

While we each will drop the ball at points along the way, don’t ignore it. Pick the ball back up, apologize (if needed), and keep moving ahead, By admitting you slipped up, you could actually increase your credibility and be given a second chance.

Enjoy your day,

Are You Ready For Your Big Break?

I find so many people are looking for their big break – their time in the winner’s circle. This focus can actually create insecurity with a focus on an uncertain future while disregarding both the past and the present (that can provide a solid foundation of strengths and confidence).

So I suggest approaching the search for your big break a different way:

  1. Realize you can have multiple times in the winner’s circle if you understand what success and happiness mean to you.
  2. Acknowledge and feel gratitude for all of the things you have now and from the past. COUNT EVERYTHING.
  3. Reach out to the people who have helped you and say “thank you”. Your success and happiness will grow when you have active supporters who trust and value.

Enjoy the ride and celebrate along the way.


Your Words – Do They Lead to Success or Failure?

Words are a funny thing. On the one hand, they are mere letters on a page. On the other hand, the power and emotions they evoke can be life-changing – for the better or the worse.

So when you communicate with others (and even yourself), be kind, direct, and encouraging. Help them see the best in themselves and your success can grow with theirs.


All or Nothing ≠ Success

I was talking to a former colleague who is awesome and often hard to work with because he is an all or nothing person. When work is good, it is excellent. On the other hand, if even one thing doesn’t go the way he thinks it should, he complains, blames others, and gets angry. You might imagine that I was sympathetic, yet not surprised when he told me that he had lost his job.

He is very competent, yet that is not enough for his co-workers and managers. They want someone who can certainly take a stand and yet is flexible and supportive around others’ missteps. After all, if we are to act like a team – we will occasionally pick up the slack for others as they do for us.

Have a good day,

Jump In and Help

I was recently in a situation where I knew a friend needed help with something, yet I had had a really long week and wanted to go home. I actually thought heading out, climbing on the bus number one, and getting on bus number 2 without a pause. Yet, I just couldn’t. It wasn’t out of guilt or a “should”, but out an inner commitment to assist someone who clearly needed my help.

“So was it worth it?” you may ask. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. I bet that I actually gained more than my friend. I think it works that way a lot of time.

So if you need a boost – lend someone else a hand.

Have a great day,


Acceptance and Success

Since I was a child (until about 10 years ago), I struggled with my weight. One day, my mother told me something I just wasn’t willing to hear – and that I needed to accept myself as I was at that time. I told her I would accept myself once I was thin. Clearly, I didn’t get the point.

What I have learned is that acceptance doesn’t mean that we aren’t striving to improve. It just means that if we start from a place of appreciation of where we are and from where we have come, we will have power, confidence, and strength to achieve our goals and dreams.

Have a great day,