The Fuel in Challenge

It’s an interesting thing about challenge. It can be the source of tremendous angst or the inspiration to help you achieve your big dreams.

So what creates the difference? A wise friend once told me the variation is not in the circumstances, but in the perspective you bring to it.

Consider this. Do you see the potential negative consequences of things not going the way you hoped and planned? Or, are you even a little intrigued, excited, and hopeful.  In the first situation you will be crushed by situation. In the second, you will crush the circumstances and win.

The choice is in your hands.

Enjoy your day,

Advance or You Are Retreating

My mentor has told me again and again “advance or you are retreating”. He believes that this is true in organizations and individuals.

That said, if you get lost in the daily grind of work and life – it can be easy to miss opportunities to progress (even a little). So each day, pause for a moment and ask yourself what action you can take to move ahead even a teeny bit.

Advance now and tomorrow and then the day after that.

Have a great day,

Stumbling Forward

I have a tendency to want to perfect a new skill before I use it. While this can be viewed as an admirable quality, it is also rather restrictive. This approach clearly can limit advancement. So lately, I have been testing my new skills before I would give them an A+. What I have learned is that even if I need to refine and polish these skills, if I don’t test them out I will never receive the essential feedback to make them great.


What’s Driving Your Life?

It’s a very interesting thing about life. Depending on how we feel, think, and act, your life can be elevated to greater happiness and success or you can drive it to defeat and despair.

So how can you take your life in the direction of where you want to go? Look for your weakest link. What is the one thing that derails you at the point of victory or that makes you want to give up before you even get going? That is your greatest opportunity.

Know that you don’t have to change all at once. Start with one tiny action that is under your control. That’s good as your base that you can build from there.

Have a good day,

Hidden Under the Challenge

Obstacles that feel hard and even oppressive, could actually be hiding your strengths, talents, and skills. In order to bring out your best, find tiny ways to challenge whatever is standing between you and your goals. Each step you take will reveal more of the good stuff that makes up who you are and what you can bring to the world.

Have a great day,

The Challenge Change Power Couple

Challenges, in the form of obstacles, doubt, and more can be scary, frustrating, and intimidating. Yet they are precisely the raw material needed for advancement, developing new capabilities, and expanding your opportunities.

In important ways, challenge and change are a power couple that provide the motivation, tenacity, and resilience you need to achieve your goals and dreams.

So what challenge in front of you today is your ticket to greater success and happiness?

Have a great day,

Is Your Team Leading You to Success or Failure?

It’s a funny thing about the people with whom we “hang out”. They become influencers in our lives.

So a really important question to ask yourself: do you like them, respect them, and want the life and relationships they have?

If yes, wonderful. Keep deepening, expanding, and appreciating those individuals.

If no, decide the life you want and find people who support that direction. Then value, acknowledge, and support them.

Have a great day,