Courage: Pass It On

People are feeling challenged by many things today and many aren’t sure if it’s even worth doing anything to change their circumstances.

Often deep down inside, they see the value of transforming their situation, but lack the courage to do much about it. That’s where you come in.

First, give others your full attention and listen with your whole heart. Second, find ways to respect the other person’s life. And third, from that respective, share stories that show how others have done what they want to do.

As you encourage and inspire the other person, watch what happens to you.



Getting Unstuck

What do you do when you feel stuck?

My usual MO is to push and push and attempt to “figure out” the problem, write down a whole bunch of possible solutions, and create a list of the resources I need to “make things happen”.

While this approach often does work, not always. In fact, sometimes the more I push and plan and strategize – the most stuck I feel. That’s when I give up – not quit, but give up my idea of how things “should” work out.

Have a great day,

Are You Stalling?

Do you ever find that you really want to move ahead, but you aren’t doing what needs to get done?

Hectic schedules can be a good “excuse”, but there’s usually more to it. Fear, doubt, and/or not seeing a clear pathway could be underlying reasons. Yet there are solutions.

First, decide that you really want to do the thing that is stalled. Second, recommit to it. Third, find things that you are willing to do and feel capable of completing. Finally, move at the pace that feels comfortable for you. Then being stalled will become a thing of the past.

Act even a little today,


Happiness for You

Have a happiness party with your friends.

Get some crayons, markers, glue, stickers, watercolors, glitter, and old magazines and even printed images from your device. Don’t forget oversized construction paper, card stock, or folders. Invite some friends over to create “Happiness Collages.”

Your mission to create an image of what happiness means to you. Use pictures, words, and squiggles of color to show what happiness means to you. Then post your collage where you can see it every day and watch your happiness sprout in ways you can’t even imagine.

Enjoy your day,

Better Decisions with Ease

Want to make better decisions no matter what the context?

Make them from a sense of peace. If you make big and “scary” decisions from fear, the outcomes will also be packed with anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty.

So they next time you have a big or small decision to make, take steps to make yourself comfortable and filled with peace. Some people meditate or take warm baths, while others gather lots of information. Do what works for you. Then the peace you find in the decision making process will be carried into whatever you choose to do.

Have a great day,

Masters of Winning

Want to learn a new skill?

Find people who have already developed the skill you want to master. Learn about them and even ready biographies and autobiographies of people who excel and win in their lives – on their own terms.

Notice how they developed specific skills, themselves, and their character. What can you learn from their lives and apply to your own?

Have a great day,

“But I Should Have . . .”

“I should have a better career,” a coaching client recently told me.

Instead of responding, I was quiet and let him continue. As this man talked for the next 50 minute, he came to a completely different conclusion. “Anita,” he concluded, “given what I have done and not done in my career – I guess I’m exactly where I should be.”

This individual went from complaining about his “fate” to realizing that if he wanted a better career, he would need to change from within and perform differently.

So what “should” you have and what can you begin doing today to make it a reality?


A Real Confidence Builder

Some people look life answers for data, theories, and formulas and others gravitate toward the self-help section of their local bookstore.

While information of many kinds can assist you, true confidence is not built that way. The truly confident become so through a series of experiences where you challenge yourself, go beyond what you think you can do, and advance step by step.

So what situation currently in your life could be real confidence builder? It could be anything – internally or externally – that is stretching you at the moment. Take a step now and watch your life condition and vitality grow.

Thank you,


Is Your Work Brand Success?

Look at your posture and attitude to your work. Each thought, word, and action is building your career.

So if you want to see where you professional future lies, notice what you are doing today. If you like what you see, continue.

If not, what can you do today to reshape your professional destiny? You might decide to go back to school, change jobs or career, or it could be as simple as treating your job, colleagues, and “clients” with greater appreciation, dignity, and respect.

The choice is yours. Make it!


Success is More Than Trappings

Why do most people seek success and all of its trappings? Do individuals really want gobs and gobs of money just to be able to bury themselves under a pile of hundred dollar bills? It’s highly unlikely.

Most people desire fulfillment. Once they have that, most people feel successful regardless of the assets in their investment portfolio, number of cars in the garage, or companies they’ve IPO’d.

So what do you need to feel fulfilled and what will you do today to begin making that a reality?

Have a great day,