What’s Your Commitment?

Now that your “resolutions” are two month old – what are your really ready, willing, and able to commit to this year? The answer to this question is more important than any old resolution. The reason is quite simple. Resolutions are often fantasies that we say we want without peeking into the reality and messiness of our lives. 

The best course of action with the highest payoff in results is one filled with self-honesty and a commitment to incremental change. As cliché as it may seem, small steps done consistently yield the biggest payoff over time. 

So whatever your dream, goal, or intention this year – from a career change or spending quality time with friends and family to improving your health or increasing your savings – start with what you’re ready, willing, and able to do. You’ll see progress consistently, feel good about yourself, and increase your capacity and commitment throughout the year. 

Have a great weekend,


Recovering From Ill Will

It’s amazing how old grudges, resentments, ill will can taint new relationships and circumstances. Yet clearing them out is easier said than done. Here’s an approach that my Aunt Sylvia recommended when I was a teenager and in the middle of a bout of teenage angst. 

She suggested that anytime I felt resentful, frustrated, or critical that I write it down. At the end of the day, I would read my entries and do my best to recall how I genuinely cared about each person. I finally got over my ill will illness, although I must admit that every now and again I have a mild relapse. 


What’s the Net Net of Networking?

“But what I am going to get?” asked a colleague when we talked about attending a networking meeting. “Most of these people are unemployed. They don’t have much to offer me.” 

My friend, Rachel, jumped in before I could even get my answer out, “That’s not really the point. But I bet you get more out of the meeting than they do – if you give a little of yourself and stop being so greedy.” (Wish I had said that.) 

While I never did find out who got the most out of that meeting, I guess that really isn’t the point. So the next time you set out to meet some new people choose to go without a strict “agenda”. Then enjoy yourself – no matter whom you meet you’ll receive a lot. 


Victory Could Be Just a Step Away

Do you ever get discouraged when you have a goal that seems a bit out of reach that you really want to achieve NOW? Does your motivation wane when times get tough and progress slows to a crawl? So how do you keep going with commitment, enthusiasm, and resolve? 

Individuals who consistently achieve a high level of success create a sense of urgency even when their goal might take years to complete. Their strategy is straightforward, simple, and something that everyone can do. Take your goal, no matter how big it is, and break it down until you find something you can complete today. Keep in mind that at this moment the only thing standing in the way of achieving the BIG goal is this next step. 

Do that consistently and you’ll be able to accomplish your goal and shout Ta-Dah! – which by the way is recommended for each step along the way. So get going. And as you succeed in each step today, tomorrow, next week, and even next year – keep track, count everything, and plan for your victory celebrations. 


One Person Can Mess Things Up or Make Them Great.

Do you think that if you “cut corners” or cheat just a little that no one will notice? After all, you’re only one person – who will ever know. While it may be comforting to think this way in the moment, it flies in the face of an immutable law – that everything and everyone is interconnected. 

Now the implications are far-reaching and encouraging. If you focus on your positive vision of the world and act accordingly in the course of your daily life, then something extraordinary begins to happen. You begin to have an influence on society, rather than having today’s harsh world mold you. You can begin with something as simple as the conversations you have in your workplace. Do you discuss good things about people or gossip? Do you blame and complain or present solutions? 

Because we’re all connected, these simple acts do change your environment – for the good or negatively. It’s up to you. So get started by choosing one positive thing you want to communicate – good news, a positive solution, or a bit of encouragement. Then share it. 

Here’s my contribution and I ask for your help. Please pass on this blog post to two other people and ask that they do the same. Include one positive difference you’ve made or are making in the environment. See, you’re already changing the world and making a difference.  Good Work! 

Have a great week,

Do the Good Times 110%

As you taste the richness of a triple chocolate fudge brownie with mocha chip ice cream on top, enjoy it 110%. If thoughts and feelings of “I really shouldn’t” creep into your consciousness, say NO! Live in total joy in the moment. Relish each and every morsel with the delight of a three year old. Make it a “Good Time” to savor the moment with your whole being – each and every sense. Make this true with every experience and you will build a wonderful life. This is true for business professionals, too. 

Have an awesome weekend


Don’t Put Off Being Happy

Have you ever met someone who has aspirations at this instant, yet plans to pursue them after retirement? Or, do you know a person who struggles now in the hope that life will be better later?

While it is important to forge courage, determination, and tenacity with the challenges at hand, it is also essential that you create happiness right here and right now. Being happy is not a far off goal that you might achieve if you work hard enough in the present. Not to sound cosmic, this moment is all that you have.

So, when you make the most of what you have today, appreciate all of the people and things you have right now, and celebrate your victories (big and small,) you lay the foundation for happiness – moment by moment by moment. Happiness is not something you chase in the future; it is a crucial by-product of how you live your life everyday.

So how do you want to live your life? Start how; be happy; and share the rewards!

Have a happy day,

Control vs. Influence

A friend once told me, “You can neither control nor guarantee results.” I didn’t like what he said at all and my “inner control freak” actually argued with him. 

Over the years, I have come to realize two things. First, the world is full of outside factors, multiple variables, and random events. Second, while we can’t control a lot of things, we do influence outcomes with our thoughts, words, actions, and attitude. So today, think of one thing that could increase your influence and do it. 


More Than One Right Answer

Sometimes it appears that there is only one answer, yet this is rarely the case. The next time you “fall in love” with an explanation, solution, or path, stop. Immediately write down at least six possible options. While there are likely dozens of options, six is feasible and will open you heart and mind and prevent you from latching on to the one thing that “sounds right.” So where can you start today? 

Have a great day.

“Un-ruin” Your Day

Ever wonder why some little annoyance can take you completely off track and “ruin” your day? Whenever this happens to me, I invariably create a whole line of justification that I share with anyone willing to listen. The last time I noticed myself fall into this pattern, I paused and reflected. 

With a bit of perspective, it seemed quite obvious. I had momentarily forgotten my purpose – my values – and placed a small, irritating event at the center of my life. Once I reordered my priorities, my “bad” day turned around. So the next time you find your day “ruined”, see what’s at the center of your life, decide what you want to be there, and make the desired adjustments. 

Have a great week,