Three Questions For Today

As you go through your day ask yourself:

  • Where are you building value right now and how do you know?
  • How are you giving hope and practical encouragement to others and yourself?
  • How will you acknowledge your efforts today and feel the value you created?


Have a great weekend,


Grace Under Friendly Fire

It’s been an interesting week or so. Wonderful things happening for friends, colleagues, and (even) me. In the midst of this, I have been skirting around and facing some “friendly” fire.

While I am not sure if it’s the endless winter (today is another day of snow and below zero windchill), general angst, and/or bubbling frustrations. What I do know for certain is that whatever the cause, I am the common denominator – which means I need to look squarely in the mirror and see what I need to learn and change so I can grow positively.

Have a great day,

Power Forward: “What Can I Do For You?”

How does giving to others give you power? It’s really straightforward.

  1. When you pay attention to others, you create a bond and relationship. Healthy relationships are give and take and everyone ends up with more.
  2. Mutually beneficial relationships release all kinds of wonderful resources, opportunities, and caring.
  3. You can be an example to others of how to give without expecting anything in return and gain so much.

Experiment and share how you learn, grow, and thrive as a result of giving with a realistic mind and an open heart.

Have a great day,

The Question Will Drive the Answer

I was chatting with someone recently who was not getting traction in building relationships inside his organization. This was actually surprising to me because is a rather affable person, doesn’t operate from a sense of entitlement, and seems genuinely thankful for any help he receives.

That made me very curious and I asked him what questions he was asking the people with whom he wanted to build a relationship. He seemed surprised I asked the question, but paused to think about it.

“I usually ask them about what would they do differently, so that I can see how I might be of help,” he told me. Without missing a beat, he realized that his question actually forced these individuals to look at what didn’t work – and that he was leading them to feel bad about the project and themselves. Even though this was not his intention.

Questions really do shape answers and how one feels about the interaction.

Something to consider and you deepen relationships at home, work, and in your community.

What’s best about your day – today?

See how that works,

The Power of the Windfall

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a windfall is “an unexpected or sudden gain or advantage”.

Doesn’t that sound like something you would like to have more in your life? So how can you help this happen again and again and again?

I believe that it’s all about seeing the value in each situation, circumstance, and relationship. When you do this – not as a technique, but sincerely from you heart and mind – you will see resources available to you that were previously “invisible”.

Experiment and see what happens for you.

Best regards,

The Text Boost

I was chatting with someone today and here is something I suggested that she really found helpful. It might be useful to you, too.

Throughout your day, each time you think of something valuable about yourself – send yourself a text specifying what you did and how it is beneficial. It’s a nice boost to your confidence. Remember that data and text charges do apply.

Have a great day,

Leading with Power

I have been conducting research about what are key things to lead from a powerful place – whether at home, work, or in your community. One of the most impactful characteristics of powerful leaders is appreciation. My definition of appreciation is gratitude and growth. While gratitude alone is cool, it’s a nice thing, makes individuals feel good about what they provided to you, it’s incomplete.

What makes leaders powerful is the growth or transformational aspect of appreciation. It’s taking challenging (sometimes REALLY challenging) situations and relationships and instead of complaining or blaming others – the person leading with power initiates the change from within. Turning an obstacle into something beneficial expands the person’s confidence, capacity, and credibility – and inspires others to do the same.

So lead a bit more with power and who knows how far you can go?

Best regards,

Are a Courageous Changer?

I talk to a lot people each month and virtually each person wants to make a change in their life. That’s why they come to see me in the first place. Most individuals know that they will need to make (smaller and bigger) modifications to achieve their goal.

Yet when it comes down to it, many people experience doubt, fear, and busyness and give up on making the change.

So why?

While I have a few thoughts about this – and one keeps rising to the top of my list. That’s courage. Whoa, you might think. Courage is for heroes and I don’t have that bravery.

Courage, to me, is a bit different. It’s more about taking the step that is right in front of you and then the one after that and so on. I don’t believe that any of us is born with courage. We develop it a bit at a time as we take action. Each experience of moving ahead boosts our bravery.

I know for me – that is the only way I develop the courage to change.

Something to think about.

Have a good day,

The Power of Finding Your True Fans

I was on a webinar today with Seth Godin, the author of many books including  Linchpin, Tribes, The Dip and Purple Cow.

He spoke about how crucial it is to find our true fans. And how did he suggest that you do that: by gaining and developing mastery and doing everything with great generosity.

Interesting thoughts!

Have a great weekend,