Is Going Back Really a Good Idea?

I was chatting with a friend today (let’s call him Dave) who is on the cusp of a huge leap forward. He has created a game-changer product – not a marginal innovation, but a really big one. His product will enable many people to expand their sense of well-being, commitment, and wealth.

I am a big fan of him – and his ideas, but something he said today took me aback. Dave was talking about how he wanted to be who he was in the past – at a time when he was unstoppable. I believe that most people would like to re-enter of phase of our lives where we had super-accelerated growth. That’s totally cool.

My suggestion is this: instead of divorcing yourself from the past (Dave and the rest of us) leverage it and incorporate the ways you are smarter, wiser, and (dare I say) better today because of all of the ways you have changed.

Just a thought,


Be the Person They Hate to See Leave

At lunchtime today, I attended a farewell party for my colleague, Nima. Everyone was happy to see her and sad to see her go. She is one of those rare people who makes everyone around her feel valued, respected, and appreciated. What a gift she is!

I want to grow up and be just like Nima.

Best regards,

UPDATED: The “Best” Solutions

I have been wrestling with a challenge the last several weeks and am stumped as to the best solution. It’s not that I don’t have good ideas and received excellent suggestions from others. The key issue for me is that none of the options feel like the right one.

So I’ve decided to take a different tact: I am experimenting with a variety of options and keeping what works and discarding the rest. This way I am making progress and not waiting for the perfect solution to appear.

More to follow,

Challenging Challenges

I have been having conversations this week with people who are feeling challenged – some in small ways and others in mega ways. What has been inspiring to me is to see how they handle it with dignity, determination, and heart – with an ever-present eye to create something beneficial.

Keep at it my friends.

Have a great weekend,

Feedback That is Heard

Sometimes I am afraid of feedback because I don’t want to hear the negative stuff. I just realized that it’s not that at all – it’s not the content of the feedback, but the spirit in which the feedback is given. I am going to start with myself and be sure that even if I deliver strict feedback, I do it with a warm, generous, and compassionate heart.


Active Thanks

I was thinking today about how many times people (myself included) say “thank you” each day – to the bus driver, the person who holds the door for you, or a colleague who helps you out on a project. Next time you say “thank you”, pause. Think about why you want to show gratitude and appreciation and say “thank you” with heart.

Have a great Wednesday,

The Real Fear Factor

No offense to the show, but I was not a watcher of the Fear Factor. Eating bugs and having snakes crawl all over me is more disgusting than scary. I will tell you what I believe is the real scary stuff – it’s my greatest dreams and biggest goals. These are the things that make me shake in my boots. Actually the signs of fear are way more subtle than that. For me, the big three of fear manifests as Doubt, Insecurity, and Procrastination.

So when I notice this triple threat, I must scale back my actions to fool fear. The small actions aren’t interesting enough and doubt, insecurity, and procrastination shrink, leave, and wait in the wings.

Have a great day,

Less Isn’t Really More

I was chatting with a friend (let’s call her Jody)  last week who had been going through a really rough time – health, finances, and career were in various states of decline. Jody was at a standstill. She was frustrated, discouraged, and disappointed and not sure where to turn. In an act of unbridled courage, she focused on not just what she needed to do to get by, but on how to excel.

Through a series of unforeseen circumstances, Jody reconnected with someone who offered her the job of her dreams with the flexibility for Jody to regain her strength and do so in an environment where she is paid well and treated with respect.

What my friend reminded me of is this: if you beg for something small that’s the most you’ll receive. Yet if you know what you want and ask for you, you create a place from which you can build and negotiate.

Have a great Monday,


As we approach your weekend, let’s spend the time elevating the people with whom we come into contact. Be the person (as corny that this might sound) who is the ray of sunshine. Never we the black hole that sucks the life out of everyone and everything.

When you mirror the sun, the benefits to you are enormous and they ripple out in all directions.

Enjoy your weekend,

Waking Up Your Network

I was working with someone this week (let’s call him John) who was concerned that he didn’t have a network – a group of people  from whom he could access information, support, and even job opportunities. When I probed a little deeper, it wasn’t that he didn’t know people. It was just that John had been out of touch with so many of them for such a long time that he was embarrassed to reach out now when he needed something from these people.

To be fair, John has a good point. It’s not the best approach to drop off the face of the earth and then reconnect with you are asking for a favor. That said, why not reach out? Since John’s contacts hadn’t reached out to him either, maybe they are waiting for him to make the first move. As long as John reaches out with limited expectation and a generosity of spirit, he could revitalize his connections and network.

So if you believe your network needs a jumpstart, be the one to do it!

Best regards,