Is Your Goal a Dream or a Fantasy?

“What is the difference between a dream and a fantasy? 

“A dream is something you are willing to begin right now, while a fantasy is something you might think about someday.” 

So consider this . . . 

Aspirations move us to greater things. Yet, dreams of what we can become through responsible choices are very different than what we wish might happen or think should be. Write down one dream you can commit to. Then begin taking action on it today. Share your dream with a trusted friend and ask for support. 

Have a wonderful weekend,


Having the Good Life Today

What are you looking for in place of having a good life now?

While it’s great to seek ways to advance yourself each and every day, remember to enjoy your good life today. So what will you right now to relish the joys and wonders of your life?

Have a happy day,

Walk the Talk for Five Minutes

Herbert Taylor once said, “A good example is the best sermon.” 

What did he mean by that? Think about this . . . 

The best way to show the effectiveness and truth of your beliefs is to live them in thoughts, words, and deeds every day. 

Give others respect and expect it for yourself.  Start by learning how to boost your listening and assertiveness skills. Speak up when you feel you’ve been treated unfairly in an appropriate and non-defensive manner. Each day commit to treating others with dignity. Begin with a smile or a nod. Share your rapt attention. Give others the opportunity to feel that you are a person who cares –in every facet of your daily life. 

Going off to live the way I aspire to be – even for just five minutes today. This might be fun for you, too. 


Who Decides If Something Is “Impossible”?

What does impossible mean anyway? 

According to the Meriam-Webster Dictionary impossible means: 1a “incapable of being or occurring” or 1b “felt to be incapable of being done, attained or fulfilled.”

When I read this, I paused. It clearly left open to interpretation what is impossible. Does a person, body of knowledge, or conventional wisdom decide for you? Or, do you have the power to influence the impossible and make it your reality, your accomplishment?

If there is something that you want to do and yet it hasn’t been done before, find out why and what you can do to make it achievable. Or, you could listen to the type of people who laughed at the idea of a four minute mile, landing on the noon, or a mobile device that can send these words to you from anywhere in the world instantly. 

The choice is yours. 

Take your impossible dream and move ahead even one step today – and remember what my Uncle Murray used to tell me, “It’s only impossible until somebody does it.”

That someone can definitely be you.  


Focus or Fail – Which Will You Choose?

“Focus!” yell people in movie theaters when the picture on the screen is fuzzy. Individuals can get pretty agitated, and if the focus problem isn’t corrected right away they often demand a refund. 

Why do they care so much? It’s quite simple: they can’t follow the plot line or action. They just plain don’t know what’s going on or who are the starring and supporting players. 

The same can be said about our lives. Without focus, it’s difficult to know what’s happening, how to proceed, or to how to tell the good guys from the bad guys. What’s worse, it’s often even hard to know when success is in our hands. 

So what do you want to focus in and on today? Choose. As you do, life will become clear. 


Seeds of Doubt or of Greatness

Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds. Norman Vincent Peale 

And without seeds, beautiful flowers will be absent from your life. Think of challenges as fertilizer to help you grow and become happier and more successful. While fertilizer is stinky, it’s also a source of nourishment. Which “problem” from the past helped you build a better future? 

What’s pressing problem could have the potential to launch you into the next phase of your goal or dream? Take a step today to transform that problem into some really wonderful.

 Have a wonderful weekend,

Think Changing the World is Impossible – Think Again!

Many people can clearly see the problems of the world, but are often stumped to even see possible solutions. Yesterday, my friend and colleague, Cali Yost and I were chatting about social entrepreneurship and David Bornstein’s name popped up as an ever-present innovator in the field.

 If you are interested in leveraging your talents to solve big and small challenges, consider reading a couple of David’s books: How to Change the World, Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, where he traces social entrepreneurs in Brazil, India, the United States, Hungary, South Africa and Poland and Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know which is a great primer of social entrepreneurship, trends, and a look into the future. 

With the world of social entrepreneurship changing so rapidly, David just launched Dowser ( where you will find thousands of social innovation stories, interviews, mini-case studies, and news and ideas in the field

Take one step today to change your world – let the “ripple” continue. 

Happy Earth Day!

Thank You for Being Alive

People talk a lot about gratitude these days – documenting appreciation for everything from a delicious piece of apple pie to our excellent health. But what about a little gratitude for the people we encounter each day – even the ones we’d like to avoid, who get on our last good nerve. 

Now I know that there’s not much positive reinforcement in society for this type of gratitude. Nations, organizations, and many religions encourage us to assert our differences. The media also helps us “forget” that we’re all human beings struggling to survive, with similar hopes and dreams. 

Conflict and violence naturally flows from this disconnect. Ever notice how people almost hungrily wait for one of “those” people to make a mistake, so that they can pounce and diss them. 

I challenge you to be a maverick and search for and acknowledge the humanness in each person you encounter. I’ll bet that gratitude and joy will naturally flow into your life. What a bargain – so much for so little! 

Thanks for reading,

Getting Away From It All

Recently I noticed a road warrior toting two notebook computers, two cell phones, one pager, and a personal digital assistant. Now this is not an uncommon site on flights out of San Jose airport, but this person was on the beach! Now I understand that work is work. Just also remember to take time for pure play. It will revitalize your life and make you more productive when you do return to work. So make a play date with yourself this week. 


Keeping Up With the Toddlers

Ever notice how little children have a seemingly endless supply of energy? They can go on and on and on. Yet many adults seem to have a hole in their energy “pipeline”. The past drags them down. So if your energy seems to be lagging, what might be sucking the strength out of your life – and what can you begin doing about it right now to let the energy flow through you? Who knows – soon toddlers may have a hard time keeping up with you. 

Have a magnificent week,