Appreciate is the Action

Appreciation is a funny thing because it has two parts – gratitude and growth. Sometimes you can’t even see the things to feel grateful for until you expand your perspective, capacity, and even courage. When you miss the “good stuff”, it becomes harder and hard to appreciate what you have and the flow of people, resources, and opportunities can dry up.

So here are a few questions when appreciate is the next thing to do:

Why are things not moving ahead for me? Appreciate – what you’ve done
Why do other people get all the breaks? Appreciate – what you have
Why I am not better at (fill in the blank)? Appreciate – who you are

Just a start.



Laugh for Success

I was reading a book this week that emphasized the power of laughter. Read a book, listen to a podcast, watch a show or movie that makes you laugh and you will expand your resilience, confidence, and the  courage to go after your goals and dreams. In many ways, success can start with a good chuckle.

Enjoy your day,

The Power of Remembering Names

I meet a lot of people. Given that many of those conversations aren’t even in person, putting a name and face together can be challenging. Yet, remembering a person’s name is so important. It is a sign of respect, care, and appreciation.

So I do my best to look up the person in LinkedIn and have a face to put with the name. I also remember the person’s story, goals, and aspirations. When I have those things, the person’s name is anchored in my core.

While I don’t always remember a person’s name, I do my best because I know how great it feels when an individual remembers mine.

Have a great day,

Grumbling Stops Success and Happiness

Have you ever been around someone who complained a lot?  The reaction to such people – even if the upset is justified – is to back away from them. If you are a complainer, you could lose opportunities, friendships, and advocates for your career and life.

So before you grumble, think twice. Instead, boost another person. When you give even one individual hope, encouragement, and praise, you are both elevated – and the positivity ripples out from there.

We all need more of this now, so please do it.

Thank you!


Change: Friend or Foe?

Yesterday I was in a new program on change and transition. The group was acting as a pilot to provide the team that created the program feedback. It was useful and enlightening. I also learned I wasn’t alone in my discomfort around change. Actually, I like change. What don’t like it the idea, ambiguity, and uncertainty of change.

What I took away is this – while change is inevitable, we invariably have some area or areas where we have choice and control. This is a good place to start and build comfort within the change. Good advice.

Thank you Ruth and Geri!


Focus Your Focus

I find that many things intrigue me and can easily capture my attention. While this is great for brainstorming, it can be a detriment to rapidly advancing toward achieving a goal.

The same can happen when I have a core of an idea or concept and then expand the audience to include almost everyone. This is clearly not a great idea either.

So, I ask my colleagues and friends to help me focus my focus. When I do, even though I feel a bit uncomfortable (fearing I will miss out on something), it makes for a better outcome. Then when I have success in one area, it’s much easier to take what I learned and tweak it for the next success.

Have a great day,

It Has No Upper Limit

Most things up a maximum value, but not gratitude. It has no upper limit. So express gratitude early, often, and expansively. As you do, the people and things you feel grateful for will grow and grow and grow.

Thanks for reading this,

Make the Most of Beginnings

Even though starting something can be more than a little scary, I find it the most exciting, motivating, and fun part of a project, assignment, or new program development. Perhaps it’s because “everything” is possible, hopeful, and inspiring.

The beginning is the perfect time to build your body of evidence on why you want to complete the goal at hand, what you hope to gain, and how you make a positive impact on others and yourself. It is essential to accumulate this “data” when it’s top of mind, fresh, and clear.

Believe me you will need this information as a reminder when you feel challenged, discouraged, or even bored with your goal. You can use it to bolster your courage, tenacity, and heart!

Enjoy your day,

Defeat Before Action – Don’t Do It!

Do you ever accept defeat before you ever take action?

I hate to admit this, but sometimes I do. I get very excited about a goal I have (usually a big one) and I either talk myself of it or let someone else’s negativity squash my commitment. Sorry, if I sound wimpy, but that’s how am can be.

Yet I am learning to take at least a tiny action first before I consider giving into defeat.

Here’s what I do:

I decide if I really want to invest time in the goal I targeted.

Understand why I want to use my skills, talents, and experience to achieve this goal.

I choose an extremely low risk, accessible, and doable action. I also think of taking the action as an experiment – remembering that there is no failure in an experiment, only data.

This seems to do the trick. I am willing to do / experiment more. Once I have a solid footing in my actions, I am A LOT less likely to be swayed by myself or those around me. In fact, any “critical feedback” helps me make my idea even better.

Success all around.


Instant Goal Achievement

Wouldn’t it be great if you could think of a goal you wanted and it be completed in an instant? I would say yes and no. The yes part is that it would be super cool to have everything you want at the blink of an eye.

Yet what would happen if you really did? Would you be ready, skilled, and prepared? Would all of your goals be compatible with one another – or could they conflict and cause problems?

So instead of looking for instant gratification, think of what you want, why you want it, and how to be positioned to succeed.

Have a great day,