Who Can Teach You Success?

Having an open mind means more than listening to people you already know. While you can learn from your colleagues and friends, you can also learn from your kids, the mail person, the bus driver, and the strangers who come in and out of your life. As you go through your day, look at each person you meet as a teacher. Pause and consider what you can learn from them.

Happy Wednesday,

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Give Yourself Some Latitude

Alfred Hitchcock once said, “Disney, of course, has the best casting. If he doesn’t like an actor, he just tears him up.”  Having latitude can open up your imagination and your life.

Decisions are daunting if you allow for no changes ever. However, few choices are irrevocable – personal or professional.

To de-stress about any decision breathe deeply, evaluate the available information, and do your best. Remember you can change your mind. Disney did. Look at Mickey – even he’s been remade more than a few times over the last 60+ years. You deserve the same consideration. So give yourself a little latitude today.

Have a great Tuesday,

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When Saying “No” Leads to Greater Success and Happiness

When someone asks for volunteers, do you jump up and down and yell, “Choose me!!!” without ever deciding if it’s something you want to do. Maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, but if there’s the teeniest grain of truth in this – consider a different way. Some of the most stressed out people can’t say no to the next fund-raiser, multifunctional team project at work, or coaching Little League. Contributions provide meaning to life, yet saying “yes” out of guilt, duty, or “doormatness” is draining and creates little positive value. If a request feels right, jump in and give 100%. At other times, it may be more appropriate to politely and firmly say “No.” This can actually help you renew and refresh to give again when the time is right.

Have a wonderful day,Anita

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Everything is Miraculous

Once upon a time Pablo Picasso said, “Everything is miraculous. It is miraculous that one does not melt in one’s bath.”

It’s amazing what happens between sunrise and sunset – within your body and all around the universe. Some people say that miracles used to occur in ancient times but no more. Wrong! They happen every day, every hour, and every minute. You’ll feel their spectacular power if you focus your attention. So, hunt for miracles today in everything and everyone you meet. Then say “thank you” out loud for each one you find.

Have a great weekend,

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Interest, Action, and Success

“What do you think? I want to know. Be for or against my idea, but spare me your indifference.” Anonymous

Passion, one way or the other, is a great source of power. It is far better to have a person be for you or against you – rather than ignore you or harbor some ill-defined and hidden agenda. If others are showing indifference toward you, it’s likely that you are disinterested, apathetic, or even disconnected within yourself.

So where can you dig up some passion about your own life? Focus, vision, and commitment are powerful motivators to you and the people who can assist you – one way or another. Today, look for one dream, desire, or mission you have put on the backburner that you’re ready to act on. What are willing to do today? Think about it, then go out and do it.

Happy Thursday,

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Choices for Success

Do you feel that if you start something that you must finish it? I used to feel that way about books. If I read the first page, I felt compelled to read each page until I got to the very end – even if the book wasn’t all that good. My “good girl – do everything the right way” attitude was stealing my choices. So today I take a different – I decide to either read the whole book or stop any time before the end. I encourage you to do that same with books and just about anything else that you do. When you make conscious choices, you will have more time to enjoy the things that are really important to you.