There’s a Way

I have a friend, whom I’ve known for a long time. She is super bright, has worked at major global companies, and graduated from one of the top schools in the world. She is struggling with how to find her next role and an environment that is consistent with her values and will value her.

I have been wracking my brain on how to help her. I’ve meditated on it a lot. I will admit that I became frustrated with her lack of results and wanted to understand what was going on. While meditating this morning, I was determined to gain clarity on how I could help her breakthrough.

Interestingly, she called this morning and asked me if I would be open to reading a book and discussing it with her – with her focusing on how to change from within. The book is about responsibility and appreciation (from what I can tell from a quick review). I let her know that I would be happy to read it and having a discussion.

I also shared the focus of my meditation this morning – having the determination to know how to help her breakthrough. From my friend’s response, I think that I “received my direction”.

More to follow.



Move Ahead

If you seem to be stuck and are not sure that your goal is doable, take an action based on where you are today. Vary it even a little from what you have done in the past. When you make a small change, you will learn something – what to continue to do, what to change, and/or what to stop doing.

Each of those things will help you move ahead.

Have a great day,

Believe in Others

It’s amazing what can happen when someone believes in you. While it’s important to be self-motivated, knowing that someone else can see your value can do wonders to give you the ability stretch, have courage, and keep going during the rough spots.

So today, reach out and let someone know that you believe in him or her. The positive ripple can go on and on.

Thank you,

The Matter of Mattering

Some time ago, I moderated a panel with a stellar group of students from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. As I am known to do, I wrote a thank you note (with a little card inside with a second note) to each student. About a week later, I received an email from a student that went on and on and on about the card I sent to him.

I was very curious as to why he had such a strong reaction. This was from a person who is all about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality. One more piece of information about him – he has a great life, home, family, and work.

A few days later, he and I sat down and I asked him about the card. He talked about that it was paper, the message was specific to him, and it was done at all. I wanted to know how it made him feel. He told me that it made him feel like he matters.

What I learned that day is that no matter how much we have in our life, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know we matter. So let others you care about know they matter to you.

Small action, big potential impact!

Have a great day,

Your Greatest Weakness

The place of our greatest weakness is often invisible to us. I believe that we only begin to notice it when things don’t go according to how we hope they would – not landing a job, finding a relationship, or getting funding for our venture.

This weakness emerges where you lack confidence and you “demonstrate” that something is not quite right. This could be big or small. What I know for sure is that others will follow your lead and not where you want to go.

So how does one transform this weakness? By acknowledging it and understanding how to transform it enough to not get in your way – even if it never becomes a strength.

Have a good day,

Why Change

Change is ever-present, so we need to get on board or be left behind.

I personally find change a bit scary until I actually take a step. So to make it easy on yourself. I suggest that you find something you control and you feel capable, comfortable, and even excited about doing.

This will give you a start and the courage to do more.

Have a great day,

Just Don’t Do It

There may be times when it seems easy to give up on a person who is just too difficult to deal with. Yet, don’t do it. At that moment, you have an opportunity to grow enough to help the person, and in doing so, create a better life for both of you.


Speak Up

Many people say that if you don’t ask, you can’t give people the opportunity to help you. So speak up. Graciously let others know what you want and need and be a resource to others – early and often.

Have a great day,


The Benefits of Being Shy

I know that probably no one who knows me would think I am shy, but in my heart I am. I have training myself to be more outgoing and I did it from a place of low risk and safety. I learned this from one of my aunts.

Many years ago, my Aunt Sylvia, was trying to help me come out of my shell – which was challenging for her. You see, I was the kid, who loved physics. Need I say more.

Aunt Syl shares her own shyness story with me, which was life-changing for me. When she was a young woman, she had a mentor who kept taking her to events where the guest list are names in business and the arts you would likely know. Here was Aunt Syl, too shy to say a word. Yet her mentor gave her some sage advice: use your shyness to your advantage – do your homework, listen, and appreciate each person.

Good guidance regardless of who you are.


Between Hope and Challenge

I was with a group of friends yesterday and the conversation veered in the direction of the interplay of hope and challenge. While hope is a great motivator and starting point, it’s important to keep in mind that challenges will come – if for no other reason than to help you grow.

The questions become – how prepared are you for the obstacles and do you shrink away from them or are excited and elevated by them?

So, how can you make challenges your friend and not a fiend?

Have a great day,