Are You the Next Lego?

Do you ever get discouraged and consider giving up on something that you desire? Virtually every successful person has considered quitting at one point or another.

There’s a whole army of people, “the faultfinders,” who would love to see you give up. They may attempt to convince you that your goals aren’t worth the effort. They may push you to quit.

Your best defense is a clear understanding of why your goals and dreams are important to you. So if one of “the faultfinders” comes to your door, you’ll be prepared. Tell them to go away. As you close the door, let them know that Disney and Lego were considered foolish ventures doomed to failure.

Have a great day,


The Power of Thanks

“Thanks” is one of the most powerful words in the universe. For a study on the power of gratitude, 75% of a group of “at risk” young men in Boston went from angry and violent to individuals with a sense of purpose who began to create positive value with their lives.

Each day these young men asked themselves three things, “What did I receive today? What did I give back? Who could I thank right now?” Today, ask yourself those questions and see how it makes you feel and act.

Have a great day,


Your 4-Minute Mile

Once it was believed that no human being could run a 4-minute mile (let alone anything faster than that.) The barrier was broken decades ago by someone who didn’t believe in this arbitrary constraint.

So what is the “4-minute mile” in your life? Where have you placed limitations on your own potential? You, too, can break through the invisible barriers holding you back. What small step can you take today to begin “training”?

Have a wonderful day,

Double VIP Status

What would your life look and feel like if you treated each person you met like the most important person in the world? And do it all while treating yourself excellently like that –  feeling generosity from deep within your heart and having fun all along the way.

I know a man who follows this approach each and every day. He is an amazingly success personally and professionally – and the people who are fortunate enough to know him feel special each time they get together. He feels great, too.

What could be better? Test out this approach and let us know what happens.

Have a great day,

The Possible Versus the “Impossible”

Make a list of the big and small things that are on your mind. Now break the list into #1 – those things you feel that you can do something about and #2 – those things you feel are out of your control.

For list #1, decide what you are willing to begin doing today.

For list #2, consult with a close friend, partner, or colleague and ask him or her what you might be able to do to advance those seemingly impossible goals. Ask for assistance in seeing what is can do starting now, given your current circumstances.

By focusing on what you can do, you will achieve success which you can build on from the present moment into the future.

Much success,

Silence is Platinum

Really capable people who truly believe in themselves rarely boast about their achievements, although they definitely do not hide their greatness under a rock.

Whether you share your accomplishments is certainly a matter of choice, but before you do check your motivation. If it comes out of a desire to encourage others, then consider sharing your success. You will likely receive a positive response.

However, if you feel you must share your achievements to feel good, you are telling others that you are unsure of yourself. Best of all, show others what you can do while you are doing it. You will likely gain their respect and inspire them to achieve their own success.

Have a great day,

Meet Your Dreams!

I work with many people who are dissatisfied with their jobs and are unhappy about earlier decisions they made.

In our coaching sessions, I usually ask them the following: “Why do you want this job and how will it help you prepare for where you want to be in 10 years?” As they develop the answers to those questions, they are creating a vision of their future.

Instead of being stuck in the past or making a move out of boredom or frustration, their decisions are clear, strategic, and effective. So think about your future. Where do you want to be within the next 10 years – personally and professionally? What will you need to do to prepare? Take one small step today to begin or continue your “training”.

Enjoy your day,

Experiment for Success

A fool is a man who never tried an experiment in his life. Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802) English physician and poet

If you’re wise, you approach life with an open mind and heart – choosing new ways to doing the simplest and most everyday activities. Consider building in regular experimentation into you life. It can begin anywhere. As a start, take a new route to work, choose a new place to go for lunch, or read a book about something you know nothing about.

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. One small change changes everything. Do something new today. Choose something fun, joyful, and that makes you feel a sense of “yippee!” inside and out.

Have a great day,

Radical Renewal

Many individuals believe that pumping money into educational, charitable, or corporate organizations will revitalize them and make them more effective. Often this doesn’t work because the focus is on the organization and not the people.

To refresh, renew, and revitalize any organization, first start with each individual. Give them the hope, encouragement, and tools to renew themselves. Any guess what will likely happen to the organization? Isn’t what you wanted all along?

Have a great day,

Strong as a Diamond

Do you want to achieve noteworthy success in your life? If so, be willing to stand apart from the crowd.

The minority, not majority, of people, achieves “Success on their own terms”. To advance today, expand the courage of your convictions by trusting your heart, acting on what you know to be true, and consistently deepening your faith.

Then at a crucial moment, you will be as strong as a diamond and others won’t be able to deter you from your personal mission.

Do it,