The Paradox of Obstacles

To be perfectly honest, I am not the biggest fan of obstacles. That said, I do like transforming them into something beneficial. Over the years, when I face an obstacle –  I first get upset, then scared, and after some time I muster the courage, resolve, and determination to change my situation for the better. When I do, I feel stronger than before the challenge!

Have a great day,


The Encouragizers Project – MSA 25

MSA 25: I had the opportunity to chat with someone today who gave me a really good idea on how to create an even higher quality project. Thank you, John.

Keep taking MSAs,

The Elusive Nature of Courage

Courage is a funny thing. You realize you have it after the fact – once you demonstrate resolve during a difficult time.

Yet difficult times can definitely be intimidating. At least they are for me. At those times, I find a story to read or a podcast to listen to that highlights an ordinary person (like me) who solved a  seemingly impossible problem. That person’s courageous action gives me hope, heart, and enough courage to take another step. When I take step after step after step, I mobilize my strengths and ultimately access my own courage.

Mission accomplished. On to the next goal.


The Courage to be Authentic

I have seen that it is really impossible to be successful and happy until you have the courage to understand who you are, what is important to you, and your strengths.

That said, you don’t have to do this all at once. Take one step that is a stretch without being terrifying. From there you can build, expand, and be yourself.


The Battle for Bold

I would say that being bold is a battle – at least it is for me. I want to be bolder. I even have a t-shirt that displays “Be Bold” on the front and a definition of bold on the back. I chose it deliberately to be a reminder to put boldness front and center.

Yet, being bold is a bit scary for me. So, I am bold one babystep at a time. What I have seen is that each tiny bold action is helping me bolder – day by day.

Be bold on your terms.


The Encouragizers Project – MSA 22

A quick update:

MSA 22: Sometimes an MSA can come as a wonderful by-product of helping someone. I had a short conversation with a friend, which broadened my perspective, allowed me to assist my friend, and reminded me of the value I bring to others.

Enjoy your day,

Getting Out of a Mental Rut

Do you have an answer almost before a question has been asked? Is this based on what has worked for you in the past? While it’s great to have a base of knowledge and wisdom, if you are challenged by something new and only use what has worked before, you will likely not find a solution. This is where a mental rut could create frustration, discouragement, and potential failure.

I make it a habit to learn something new pretty much every day. While I don’t have “extra” time, I use my commuting minutes to read an article, listen to a podcast, or open a book and read one page. It may sound insignificant, but I often gain a little insight I can apply to my work, community, or volunteering. Even more, it helps me make my way out of a mental rut – even if only for a moment.


Advice Versus Help

I talk to a lot of people who want to make a move and need assistance to achieve their goal. Some receive what they need, while a significant number do not.

While there are many reasons, here is one I would like you to think about. From my conversations and research, there is a big difference between asking for help and asking for advice. 

To the person receiving the request, asking for help can feel big, time-consuming, and even overwhelming – and this is for people who actually want to help. On the other hand, asking for advice is often seen as doable, fun, and coming from a sense of respect from the individual doing the asking.

One big time caveat: Your ask for advice must be authentic. If it is a means to some other end, you could create an anti-advocate who could work against you.

So, think about what you want and make the ask. Go for advice rather than help.


The Encouragizers Project – MSA 20

A quick, yet important update:

MSA 20:  Had a great conversation today about something that can help me take a series of leaps toward achieving one of my goals. Thanks to the person who shared the information!