Look Into Your Future – Do You See Success?

The future is purchased by the present. Samuel Johnson

If you want a peek at your future, look at your focus, attention, and effort in the present. Today’s actions create tomorrow’s habits of success or failure.  Choose where you’d like to be and take one 5-minute action each day to help you get there. Where will you start today? Do it now.

Have a wonderful weekend,


The Sure-Fire Method for Building Powerful Relationships

If you really want to understand the people around you – at home, school, work, or in your community – talk to them one on one. Ask them about their lives – about their goals, dreams, challenge and achievements. Then give them your rapt attention. Listen with your ears and your heart and be willing to share some of yourself with them.


Is Crisis Necessary for Success?

I hate a crisis – some urgent demand for me to act or react to a less than pleasant situation. Do you ever wonder if crises would occur at all (from the individual to the world at large) if each of us rehabbed our insides on a regular basis?

So instead of waiting for a crisis to thrust change upon you, choose a different approach. At least once a month, look at old structures and negative habits you are tolerating and that slow you down and clean them out. As you do, you will be making room for new and better things to take their place.

Have a great Wednesday,

Success Through Self-Acceptance

I am what I am. Popeye

So what about you?

Acceptance is seeing the way it is. It is not approval, contentment, or even liking what is. Acceptance also isn’t passive, but the first step to successful action. Until you accept all of who you are, you are looking through filters of must’s and should’s. Spend five minutes today writing down things you accept about yourself.

Then you will be poised for success.

Give Out of Greatness

When someone asks for volunteers, do you jump up and down and yell, “Choose me!!!” without ever deciding if it’s something you want to do. Maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, but if there’s the teeniest grain of truth in this – consider a different way.

Some of the most stressed out people around can’t say no to the next fund-raiser, multi-functional team project at work, or coaching Little League. Contributions provide meaning to life, yet saying “yes” out of guilt, duty, or “doormatness” is draining and creates little positive value.

If a request feels right, jump in and give 100%. At other times, it may be more appropriate to politely and firmly say “No.” This can actually help you renew and refresh to give again when the time is right.

Have a terrific week,

A Key to Success: From This Moment Forward

Don’t let life discourage you; everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was. Richard L. Evans

Initially, your goal was a dream. You rose to the challenge to begin achieving it. But now, are you distracted by the stress of daily life? Do you think about giving up? Why did you set the goal? Is it still important to you? If not, move on. If yes, what step can you take today to move ahead? Do it.

Have a great weekend,

When Less Really Leads to More Success

I had recently struggled with a lingering bout of laryngitis. I was incredibly frustrated, upset, and unhappy about it. That isn’t to say that I shut up. I gave two classes, conducted a podcast interview, and had countless coaching appointments (in person, by phone, and via Skype.)

What is wrong with me, you may wonder. Aside from my “non-stop” mentality, I really want to be listened to and heard. Ironic, huh?

Then one day, I just couldn’t say much. I chose my words carefully and made them as relevant and meaningful as possible. Something extraordinary happened – people paid more attention and got more out of it. Who would have thought it?

Now I am not going to resort to hoarseness. Instead, I have made it my goal to say things that are meaningful and relevant – knowing that more isn’t necessarily better, sometimes, it’s just more.

Have a great Thursday,

Wealth – Denying You Have It Is Downright Arrogant

“Are you wealthy?” I asked a group I was speaking to last fall. I received puzzled looks and skeptical stares from twenty or so middle income men and women. Then one man raised his hand to speak. “Denying you’re wealthy is arrogant,” he stated. I was a bit taken aback, so I asked him what he meant.

“For years,” he replied, “my wife and I worked very hard to advance ourselves, but we weren’t ever satisfied. This led to enormous frustration, self-doubt, and it almost ruined our marriage. Then one day we realized that the biggest obstacle to our advancement was the belief that where we were – at any point in time – wasn’t enough. Instead of counting our blessings, we were complaining. What arrogance! As soon as we began to look for, acknowledge, and treasure what we had – materially, emotionally, and spiritually – our wealth on all three levels grew.”

I had never thought about wealth that way before. I thanked this man for the lesson he had shared with all of us.

So today – just for today – look at all of the things you have – material, emotional, and spiritual – and out loud say, “Thank you. What great gifts. This is enough.”

Now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to grow and advance. It just means that wealth – like everyone and everything – thrives when accepted.

Thank you,

Do You Have the Courage to Succeed?

“True courage can emerge from the most unlikely lives. Just know it’s there, in your life and those around you.” Uncle Mush

Most people believe they lack courage. Nothing is farther from the truth. Human beings are endowed with the ability to meet challenges. It’s an inner bravery that comes out when you need it. Spend 5 minutes today writing down the times bits of courage welled up from within and served you well.

Have a great Tuesday,

Accelerating Your Success with “Mistakes”

Tyranny reigns in many people’s lives. It comes not in the form of a malevolent person, but as a looming fear of doing the wrong thing. So the choice is yours – you can seek to avoid making mistakes at all cost or you can relax a little. In doing so, you could just give yourself the room to grow in wisdom and make choices that are good for your life, success, and happiness.

Have a great week,