1% to the Big Win

I was reading an article about micro gains and it was great confirmation of how valuable a series of BabySteps can be. If are pursuing a big goal or challenge, the step-by-step approach can be hugely successful. Start with the article and go from there.

Have a great weekend,


Success in the Midst of a Challenge

How can a person find success in the midst of an obstacle? On the surface, it would seem that you absolutely have to overcome the obstacle before achieving success.

Yet, this isn’t actually true. Real success comes from finding value  in the middle of the challenge – which requires a person to stretch, grow, and increase his courage, capacity, and confidence to become bigger than the obstacle. Then success is there!


Scared and It’s Not Even Halloween Yet

Two years ago, I began a journey of what I wanted to write and speak about next. My thoughts crystallized into a program I delivered on how to be happier and more successful by focusing our brain toward the things that empower us and connect us to others (with neurobiological studies to back me up). It was successful, yet it felt incomplete at some level.

Fast forward to 1.1.2015 and a streamlined version came into focus that I have been developing, sharing, and refining. So this weekend, I have an opportunity to present the program twice and I am scared. Believe me, it’s not the part about getting in front of people and presenting – it’s how important I know the subject matter it and I want to get it right, so the material can be absorbed, incorporated, and leveraged.

Not to worry. While I have been wrestling with doubt, insecurity, and perfectionism – I have pinned them twice and getting stronger each time.

More to report next week.

Have a great day,

When It Really IS Their Fault

I was chatting with someone who lost her job and didn’t really know why. To her, the decision to let her go seemed random, unfair, and mean-spirited. From this individual’s point of view, she truly believed it was not her fault – which perhaps it wasn’t.

All this said (and please bare with me here), whose is to blame isn’t the most important thing in this situation. What is most important at this junction is what happens next. Does this person use this negative experience to become angry, bitter, and resentful? Or, does she create a new career goal that could accelerate her success, achievement, and happiness?

Something to contemplate.


Doubt Before Victory

I find it truly fascinating that as I move toward an important goal, doubt proliferates all over. Having done research over the last several years, I am ready to present the latest version next week. I am both excited and anxious – the latter being a trigger for the doubt.

Yet, just today, I realized that the very model I am presenting is the solution to the doubt – as long as I use it. How ironic – or maybe the doubt is my friend and I should just say “thank you”.

More to follow.

Have a great weekend,

Being the Best Scrooge

I was with a group of friends last evening and we shared things that had recently happened in our lives. One friend has just returned from doing a play in Delaware, where he and the rest of the theater company were tasked with performing what they considering to be one of the worst plays written. There was lots of complaining, blaming, and grumbles, but my friend refused to participate. His determination was that it would be the best performance he had ever done. In the end, despite the cast’s gloomy predictions, the three-hour farce (can you imagine sitting through that) was very well received.

So what’s next for my friend? He just landed the role of Scrooge and he plans to be the best Scrooge even seen in Chicago. I believe that he can do it!