Happy Holidays

Happy holidays.

Will be back blogging again on 1.2.2013.

Thank you so much for all of your support this year,


A Quick Question

Would really like to learn from you – what challenges have you faced that ended up being beneficial?


The Last Quarter Mile

I was chatting with a friend yesterday about our 2012 goals and dreams – and what he and I actually accomplished. After a few minutes, we both noticed that we had moved on to 2013 even though there were two weeks left in 2012.

“What’s the deal?” I thought. In a flash of coffee assisted brilliance (decaf for those of you who know me well), I realized that neither of us were charging forward with our goals until the very last moment of 2012. This is clearly a flaw in our approach.

A friend who has run marathons on all seven continents once told me that, for her, the last quarter mile determines the quality of her race and how successful she feels.

So, on 12.18.2012, each of us is in the last quarter of a mile in our mara.thon for 2012. Let’s each finish with a victory!

Have a wonderful day,

Courage and Success

Last night the phone rang. The caller ID said Quebec. I hesitated answering it. It could be either my wonderful friend, Kevin – or some random telemarketer from Canada. I decided to answer the call – that speaking to Kevin was worth the risk of an unwanted sales call.

To my delight, it was Kevin and we had a long conversation. As he put it, “we have the kind of friendship that even if we haven’t spoke in a long time, we pick up as if it was yesterday.”

Kevin is one of the most courageous, caring, and successful friends. He had a regular corporate job in real estate investments and worked evenings and weekends in theater. Kevin’s dream was to write, produce, and act as his full time career – and not as a starving artist, but comfortably. He wanted to travel the world creating art that would challenge and inspire others – and that’s exactly what he does.

His latest victory is landing travel and development grants to create his next work set in Norway. He will spend time this winter in Norway – “to experience the darkness and the Aurora Borealis” – as part of the development process.

Kevin – congrats. You are a great inspiration to many – including me.

Have a great Monday,

The Power of Colleagues

Yesterday was a full day of year-end staff meetings and activities. We started at 7am with a quarterly, global staff meeting to review where we have come and where we want to head in 2013. It’s great to look back and celebrate accomplishments and then look ahead to see new possibilities.

The day ended with tasty food, fun games, and lively conversation. The warmth, caring, and genuine happiness to spend time with one another was not just because of the holidays – those feelings carry throughout the year. We help one another excel.

As we left the gathering, there was a blue or green chinese food style box filled with slips of paper. On each piece of paper was written why each of us was appreciated.That’s the real gift of holidays and the power of great colleagues.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Being the Insider

I was thinking this morning how I have a hard time attending large group activities. I am basically a bit on the introverted side and it’s easy for me to not feel a part of parties and other big gatherings. In many ways, my behavior is a self-fulfilling prophesy. I don’t feel a part of things, so I spend less time being myself and connecting with others. Ultimately, I can feel like an outsider because I act like one.

So this holiday season, I am going to enter any event with lots of people and act like I want to be there and belong. I have already begun the process and it feels SO much better. I gain more and so do the people I meet.

Happy Thursday,

Leave the World Better

I was having lunch with my friend, Adrian. He is a hardcore business executive and one of those rare people who deeply cares how his life impacts the world. His goal in life is to leave the world in better shape after he is gone – both financially and socially.

Adrian reminded me that creating economic wealth can co-exist very nicely with positive social impact.

Way to go, Adrian.

Happy 12.12.12,

Overwhelm Be Gone

I can run on overdrive – wanting to complete scads of things, resolve all issues, and help everyone. While this is nice in theory, each of us needs to hit the pause button at some point.

I have been known to keep going until I feel overwhelmed and then retreat to non-literary fiction, sappy movies, and foods made with sugar, flour, and butter. While junk literature, film, and food treats are excellent in moderation, it is best to make them an active choice instead of a default from stress.

So I am adding a little more rest, relaxation, and treats each day.

Enjoy your day – each day,

You Can’t Win Without This

You can succeed in many things. The people who fail to feel successful usually lack definition, parameters, and metrics about what success means to them.

Make it easy on yourself and define success at the frontend. Otherwise, how will you know you have succeeded? Be concrete, specific, and super detailed. The more you understand and delineate at the beginning, the more you will be able make midcourse corrections and win in the end.

Go for it!

Happy Monday,

Are You Open to Opportunity?

This week I had a conversation with a former colleague, who presented me with a fun project. In my spare time (lol), I have the opportunity to interview very successful people from around the globe who are using business to positively impact the world. This is totally within what I love to do – meet new people, interview them, and help them share their compelling stories.

Did I immediately say “yes”? Actually, I didn’t. I also didn’t say “no”. I am sitting a bit in limboland.

You may wonder why I even hesitate. A little bit of fear. How will I find the time? What will others think? CLEARLY, all excuses.

I will do it. Knowing myself, I will Babystep my way in and be thrilled once I am there.

Have a great weekend,